Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

“The Chronofy Watch Guide™” is launched Official pricing resource for pre-owned luxury watch industry

(MIAMI) - Chronofy, Inc., a revolutionary watch valuation company, has announced the launch of “The Chronofy Watch Guide™”, touted as “the only pre-owned watch valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by the global watch industry.” This new print and multimedia publication will convene the most respected experts within the industry to produce an accurate and comprehensive directory for pre-owned watches. Watch dealers will now be able to easily identify, valuate and authenticate pre-owned luxury watches.

“The Chronofy Watch Guide™” is an ambitious and comprehensive database which is quickly attracting the attention of jewelers, pawnbrokers and independent dealers alike. Headed by Joseph Akar, a 22 year veteran of the watch industry and among the most prominent pre-owned watch dealers in the country, The Guide will provide subscribers with an easy to use tool which takes the guesswork out of luxury watch pricing. “One of the US’s top five jewelry chains has already signed on to be one of the first subscribers,” said Akar.

“If we have learned one thing about what the watch industry needs, it is this: a comprehensive resource to take the guesswork out and put confidence in to buying and selling pre-owned watches,” said Akar. “Without ‘The Chronofy Watch Guide™’, information is not centralized, organized, accessible or accurate, making it extremely difficult to gain a fair price for a watch. Retailers have actually been forced to turn away business due to lack of information. We add integrity to the process because we believe that all retailers deserve to have the tools to buy and sell luxury watches with confidence.”

The Guide will be released quarterly, complete with color photographs, reference numbers and descriptions of hundreds of luxury watches. The Guide provides suggested current values for each watch based on its condition - “Retail”, “Mint”, “Average” or “Rough”. In addition to updated quarterly printed versions of The Guide, subscribers will receive 2 bonus electronic PDF copies and a mobile app is currently in development.

Bob Dimatina, owner of Payless Jewelry says: “It never leaves my side… I always have it next to me in the store or it is in my briefcase for outside appointments… it’s an invaluable tool.”

“We’ve been waiting a long time for something like this in the industry,” exclaims another subscriber. “The way it’s laid out with reference numbers and pictures is very helpful, very user friendly.”

Founded in June 2013, The Chronofy Watch Guide™ is a trusted and reliable watch valuation and information source. Each quarter the company provides accurate market-reflective values in the industry through a four color printed magazine, its top-rated website, www.chronofy.com, and soon to be launched Chronofy Mobile App. For more information, please visit www.chronofy.com or call 305-379-7989.