Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Industry veteran writes book on gratitude

Ivan Levi, of Ivan Alan Jewels and Ivan Alan Solutions is a veteran in the jewelry industry. For over 30 years, one of the most consistent questions he gets from store managers is how to compete with the Internet.  His answer? “Don’t compete. There is always someone selling for less. Be unique and people will want what you have, you’ll love what you do even more, and all people - including customers - will want to be in your presence.“

Levi-book-decTo be unique, Ivan wrote a book about gratitude. It’s titled “Forever Thank You: The Unique Way to Thank Great People”. He also designed a batch of postcards to match each of the 12 chapters which highlight how to thank mentors, community members, family, neighbors, others and even strangers! There are an additional 12 postcards that simply say Forever Thank You to allow people to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized message. 

“I believe this book has the power to change the world,” Levi says, “one handwritten postcard, one person by one person by one person at a time.”   

One of his favorite cards, dedicated to the chapter on mentors, reads, “Thank you for reminding me that impossible is I’m possible!”  

At a recent trade show, Mary Peterson, CEO of RJO, was given a copy of “Forever Thank You” for all the advice and guidance she’s given over the years.  Mary read the back of the book, her jaw dropped and she said, “Ivan, jewelers need to give this book to their clients!”

Levi-headshot-DecMary got the message right away. “To compete is to NOT compete,” says Ivan. “When the customer receives this book (which holds the power of the post card, the gratitude and the person-to-person contact), the internet and all competition becomes irrelevant.”

Books can be purchased from www.foreverthankyou.com.