Last updateTue, 24 Apr 2018 8pm

DCA training helps Zales meet goals

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) - In a conference call on recent company performance, Zale Corporation Chief Executive Officer Theo Killion identified the Diamond Council of America’s (DCA) Diamond Courses and training as a factor in meeting company goals. Zale’s revenues for the quarter ended January 31 grew 7.9%, compared to the same period in 2010.

Diamond Council of America President Terry Chandler.
“We said that we were going to return to our heritage as the diamond store by fixing the core assortment, investing in proven strategies, and returning to basics,” said Killion, who became Zale’s CEO one year ago.

In addition to merchandising, marketing and other moves, DCA training proved integral to meeting these objectives. “By investing in DCA training, we more than doubled the number of jewelry consultants who have the technical expertise needed to sell diamonds,” Killion said. “During holiday, the DCA-trained consultants were more productive, with an almost double the average SPH – or sales per hour – of other consultants, and their sales reflected a higher penetration of diamonds.”

Terry Chandler, president of DCA commented: “We are delighted but not surprised by the success of Zale’s associates who received DCA training. Ours is the only course that is designed to increase sales in addition to product knowledge, and this is a great testament to the value it delivers.”

Zale Corporation is a leading retailer of fine jewelry, operating more than 1850 retail locations throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The Diamond Council of America is a not-for-profit educational institution that develops and offers training aimed at helping retail professionals sell fine jewelry with expertise, integrity, and professionalism. For more information about DCA and its education program, call 615-385-5301 or visit the DCA website at www.diamondcouncil.org.


The Diamond Council of America’s Diamond Course is designed to increase sales in addition to diamond knowledge and was instrumental in helping Zales realize significant sales increases.