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The Retailer’s Perspective: Let’s Get it ON!!!

Let’s makes this one short and sweet.  Here we are, December, 2011 and we all know what that means... Christmas in the jewelry business.

With few exceptions, most of us have had less than spectacular Decembers the last 2 or 3 years, but something tells me this one is going to be different.  Something tells me this one is going to be a pretty good season.  Here’s why.

The way my business is structured, I don’t need the economy to be good in my city, I just need it to be good somewhere.  For the last 3 years it was terrible everywhere.  Then about a year ago, little pockets of prosperity started popping up all across the country.  Little signs of life where the economy was improving faster than the national average.

I noticed that small cities and towns seemed to recover first.  I assumed that as the economy started to recover, the town factory or the big industry started getting orders again.  Then, with all of the new orders coming in, they began to bring back furloughed workers and BOOM, that town is now fine.  And for the local jewelers, that means customers aren’t far behind.

When you’re not worried about losing your job, you’re not worried about getting your ring sized.  When you’re not worried about losing your job, you’re not worried about buying your sweetie a little bauble to make her day.  And when you’re not worried about losing your job... well, you’re just not worried about losing your job and that’s a good thing all around.

Slowly but surely, I’m seeing those little pockets starting to grow.  Since my business relies on jewelry stores in far flung regions of the country to feed work in to my shop, I’m noticing that small mom and pop jewelry stores are calling more often looking for information.  I’m also noticing that the mom and pop shops across the country are sending two to three times the amount of work that they were sending last year.  I’ve talked to quite a few trade shops that are seeing the same thing.  Yep, people are walking into jewelry stores and spending money again.

Is this happening in every market?  Absolutely not.  But, if it’s not happening in your market yet, it will.  My store is located in Nashville, TN which still has higher than normal unemployment.  But, we have a higher than average number of new jobs being created every week.  This is happening in cities and towns all across America... every week and every month.  I hope your city is next.

My store, just like yours, needs the local economy to be strong in order to make customers come into our luxury businesses.  As more and more people get back to work, more and more people are going to be crossing our thresholds and prying open their wallets.  It’s finally happening again in my store and I’m beyond ecstatic.  I hope it’s starting to happen in your store as well.

Well, look at the calendar.  It’s December and I’ve got to go because I’ve got work to do.  Busy, busy.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas season... just like 17 out of the last 20.  Happy holidays to everyone.

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to everyone.  See ya in 2012 (ha ha, I’m the first one to actually have to write 2012).

Chuck is the owner of Anthony Jewelers in Nashville, TN. Chuck also owns CMK Co., a wholesale trade shop that specializes in custom jewelry and repair services to the jewelry industry nationwide.

If you would like to contact Chuck or need a speaker or instructor for your next conference/event he can be reached at 615-354-6361, www.CMKcompany.com or send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..