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Quilted with Love

Many thank to Southern Jewelry News for spreading the word (March 2009 issue) about Quilted with Love. During the spring Atlanta Show an overwhelming number of jewelry industry people came to my booth and expressed an interest or a kind word of appreciation for my mission. Matt Stuller was in Atlanta and he also said the he would be interested in working with me in the near future.
Barbara Johnson from Richards Pearls on a recent mission trip to India. After reading the article about
Rebecca Shemwell's Quilted with Love program, Barbara volunteered to take quilts on her trip.

I was blown over when people started handing me money to help with the cost of delivering quilts. It fills my heart with such joy to know that our industry touches so many people in so many countries around the world and that a small child size, silkie, blankie, nonnie or whatever name one calls their blanket brings not only warmth but a sense of security from many kind hearted people in the USA.

A gift of love with no strings attached - just a note that we care about the children of the world.

From the bottom of my heart,

Rebecca Shemwell
Tracy Pearls


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