Latest News Other News NRC will not take enforcement action against companies that imported irradiated gemstones prior to November 2007

NRC will not take enforcement action against companies that imported irradiated gemstones prior to November 2007

Decision in response to JVC and AGTA's request to exempt certain gemstones in light of industry's efforts to come into compliance

(NEW YORK) - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) notified the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) and American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) that they will take no action against licensees, importers and distributors or others who imported or sold irradiated gemstones in the United States during a period when no NRC licensed entities operated in the U.S. From 2001 to 2007, there were no licensed entities operating in the US. Since November 2007, three entities in the US have been granted appropriate NRC licenses.

Initial importers and distributors bringing gemstones subject to electronic irradiation into the US require an NRC license. Gemstones covered by these rules include irradiated diamonds, tourmaline and other forms of blue topaz, beryl and kunzite that have been exposed to irradiation.

Comments Cecilia Gardner, JVC's president, CEO, general counsel: "Starting in 2007, JVC worked closely with the NRC to re-establish clear channels of communication. We are gratified that the NRC has decided not to take enforcement actions against parties who brought irradiated gemstones into the US prior to November 2007. The JVC will continue to represent the jewelry industry's needs on the subject of initial distribution licenses and other matters pertaining to irradiated gemstones."

Douglas Hucker, AGTA's chief executive officer, said: "AGTA continues to help its members and the jewelry industry comply with NRC rulings. The association strives to protect the integrity of the industry and to ensure that consumers can purchase irradiated gemstones safely."

JVC and AGTA developed an easily understood guide on the requirements of importing and selling irradiated gemstones in the US. "The Essential Guide to the Trade in Irradiated Gemstones" can be downloaded from JVC's and AGTA's websites.

Please visit for information about irradiated gemstones and other legal compliance issues pertaining to the manufacture, sale and marketing of fine jewelry.


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