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Become a Fan of Southern Jewelry News on Facebook

Facebook users can now interact with Southern Jewelry News through its Facebook page. Fans of Southern Jewelry News can, connect, discuss and network with each other in a trusted environment.

Photos from trade events will be posted on the fan page. Additionally a discussion board will allow fans to discuss with fellow members their questions or contribute to discussions, as well as post a topic for discussion. Once a fan you can post new links to videos, add links to events, pieces of news or blog posts, as well as add new photos.


Networking on Facebook is similar to networking in real life, so join the SJN fan page and take your professional relationship to the next level. To join this group go to and sign up for free if you're not already a member. Then type "I'm a fan of Southern Jewelry News" in the search field at the top of the page, and then filter the results to show only groups by clicking the Groups tab.

If you need assistance signing up, please call Southern Jewelry News at 336-389-1950.


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