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Miniflam USA introduces safe, easy to use Portable Bench Torch

The use of hazmat materials in interior facilities have been brought to the forefront by Fire Marshals around the country, virtually limiting the use of propane indoors.

The new competitively-priced Miniflam EZ-PBT (Easy Portable Bench Torch) was introduced at the AGTA Show in Tucson, Arizona on February 2, 2010.  The EZ-PBT has been specifically designed with the jeweler in mind. What is new is that the EZ-PBT offers multiple fuel options including standard oxygen and gas set-ups depending on users needs, without losing its super precision, portability and its trade-mark ease of use.

It offers a completely different approach to user safety. It cuts hazmat issues down to size by compartmentalizing oxygen and gas into low pressure smaller volumes, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of catastrophe.  It offers no need for regulators and associated hoses (a trip hazard); has fewer connections, hence less possibility of leaks.

Unlike standard torch systems the EZ-PBT system fuel canisters are designed to operate in any direction. There is no need to chain it to a wall. The EZ-PBT works as well lying on a work bench, or securing it to the work bench with the system clamp. It offers no back pressure in its hoses, since the valves are not located in the torch hand piece (pen). Unlike standard systems the EZ-PBT is simple to operate with only two valves compared with 6 valves for standard systems. Built in check valves are standard.

Miniflam-April Miniflam-1-April
Miniflam USA’s new Easy Portable Bench Torch was designed for ease of use, profitability, safety and efficiency.

Because of the limited volumes in these canisters the gas and oxygen can be shipped door to door in lightweight canisters with no hazmat charges. The light weight significantly reduces shipping cost as well.

Presently, Miniflam USA, Inc is offering free oxygen refills when empty canisters are returned in sets of 12 or more for 2 years, only shipping and handling will be charged.

The Miniflam Product line has been on the market for close to 35 years in the dental field.

For more information contact Miniflam USA, Inc. at 800-232-3370 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..