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The SJG Smart Business Report

SJG ChandlerAnn Glynn, President/CEO Southern Jewelers Guild, discusses lab grown diamonds with Terry Chandler, President of the Diamond Council of America.

“No gold digging for me; I take diamonds. We may be off the gold standard one day.” - Mae West

Twice a year, I am lucky enough to attend the Atlanta Jewelry Show. The show, in its 66th year, is run by a team of magnificent women, headed by Carol Young, Executive Director of the Southern Jewelry Travelers Association, the official sponsor and producer of the show. There are many reasons why I love attending this show, but one of the top reasons is because I really enjoy the “Engagements” Panels that are moderated by my friend Kathy Beall.

Apple Watch sales expected to drop in 2016

Despite all the hype that the Apple Watch would be the next disruptive device, the sales pace for the watch is expected to fall at a 50 percent annualized rate in 2016.

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Apple shipped 10.6 million watches during the eight months it was offered for sale in 2015. But Taiwan’s KGI Securities, which keeps close tabs on all Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, estimates that 2016 Apple Watch shipments will tank over the 12-month year of 2016 to just 7.5 million, according to a report by 9to5 Mac.

Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold from broken iPhones last year

As if Apple needed the cash, the company has discovered a way to make tens of millions of dollars off of old, broken, unwanted iPhones.

apple gold recycling

In its annual environmental report released this week, Apple said it recovered 2,204 pounds (more than a ton) of gold from recycled iPhones, iPads and Macs last year. That's $40 million worth.

Gold is used in consumer electronics because it is highly averse to corrosion and an excellent conductor of electricity. Silver is actually the best conductor, but it corrodes easily. Copper is super-cheap, but it moves electrons too slowly for some of the most important computing tasks.

Retailers, vendors warm up to watch enthusiasts RedBar Group

RB watches in handsSocial media websites give enthusiasts of all wants and desires a place to share common interests. But all the sharing and thumbs-up liking can’t replace good old human interaction. That was the impetus behind the founding of RedBar Group, a watch enthusiast group with chapters in major cities across America, with sister organizations in South America, Europe and Asia.

Choosing the right POS system


How many of you remember when cell phones made the leap from transportable handsets to flip phones? Just the other day while standing at the checkout counter of my supermarket, the person in front of me was using a flip phone!

It can be said the old flip phones had better capability of hearing and being heard than the smart devices of today. Yet the flip phones could not multi-task as we have become accustomed to today with e-mail and apps.

The evolution of mobile technology has taken us into another sphere altogether where information can be acquired with just a few taps and details delivered on your mobile device regardless of where you are as long as cellular or WIFI is available. Simply amazing!

Interesting facts about record setting Millennium Jewel 4 blue diamond

rare blue diamond

Last week the De Beers Millennium Jewel 4, a 10.10-carat oval-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond, was auctioned by Sotheby’s at the Hong Kong sale of Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite. Sold for $31.8 million, the Millennium broke the record for the most expensive diamond ever sold in Asia.

CNN has compiled a list of 5 facts about the stone you may not have known.

Jewelers Mutual’s 6 takeaways from JSA's 2015 Annual Crime Report

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Criminal activity usually captivates mainstream media outlets for all the wrong reasons. This is especially true when it comes to crimes against the jewelry industry, where extravagant heists and daring robberies seem like something you would see from Hollywood.

Unfortunately, these occurrences are very real and have adverse impacts that last long after they are reported.

At the beginning of each year, the Jewelers Security Alliance analyzes the crimes committed in the U.S from the prior year and, thankfully, there are mostly positive results from the 2015 Annual Crime Report.