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How a group of retirees pulled off the biggest jewelry heist in British history

They pried open the elevator doors to the open shaft. Then one or more of them dropped down to the basement.

british jewelry heist

The audacious April 2015 ransacking of safe-deposit boxes in Hatton Garden, London’s jewelry district, was epic. So much cash, jewelry, and other valuables had been taken that the loot had been hauled away in giant trash containers on wheels. London’s newspapers were filled with artists’ renderings of the heist, featuring hard-bodied burglars in black turtlenecks doing superhuman |things. Experts insisted that the heist was the work of a foreign |team of Navy-Seal-like professionals, likely from the infamous Pink Panthers, an international gang of master jewelry thieves.

Printing up compassion in 3D

3d heart

There is no remedy to cure the tragic hurt caused by the loss of a child. For a grieving parent, the best one can hope for is time to process the pain and a few happy memories. Time comes easy, but for parents of stillborn children, happy memories are often in short order.

Srdjan Urosev hopes his company, eLUXE 3D might be able to change that.

Under Urosev’s guidance, eLUXE 3D has become one of the few companies in the technology landscape that is at the forefront of the 3D scanning industry. And it’s the only one that is having success when it comes to scanning detail jewelry pieces.

NRF forecasts retail sales will increase 3.7- 4.2 percent over 2016

retail sales increase e(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - The National Retail Federation (NRF) released its economic forecast for 2017 last week, projecting retail industry sales, which exclude automobiles, gasoline stations and restaurants, will grow between 3.7 and 4.2 percent over 2016. Online and other non-store/online sales, which are included in the overall number, are expected to increase between 8 and 12 percent.

Jewelers of America opens 2017 Scholarship enrollment

Scholarships available for JA’s Bench Professional Certification & other educational providers


(NEW YORK) - Jewelers of America (JA), a national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, has opened the 2017 enrollment period for its scholarship program, which is open to members of JA, on renowned industry diploma, professional development and certification programs. JA awards scholarships during the enrollment period from February 1, 2017, through September 30, 2017.

Do diamonds really come from coal?

diamonds come

Many people believe that diamonds are formed from the metamorphism of coal. That idea continues to be the "how diamonds form" story in many science classrooms.

It's easy to see where the idea came from, though. Diamonds and coal are both, at their base, different forms of the element carbon (C on the periodic table). And yes, pressure is a key part of what turns decaying carbon-based life forms such as plants into coal, as well as what turns carbon into diamonds. But the reality is just a little bit more complex than Superman's super-strength.

First of all, let's look at the chemical compositions of these two forms of carbon. Diamonds are essentially pure carbon formed into a crystalline structure. The rarer, colored diamonds do contain minor impurities (boron, for example, makes diamonds blue, while nitrogen turns them yellow), but those impurities exist on a scale of just one atom in a million.