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Bill Nefsky reviews ArmourLite’s night vision watches

In late 2013, I reported on the latest craze in night vision watches for Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News. These tritium illuminated watches were split into two categories: T-25 & the much brighter T-100. At the time, only a small handful of manufacturers were offering sporty night vision watch choices; unless the consumer wished to spend $1,500 retail or more for a dressy automatic model.

How jewelry is saving women from human trafficking


(CNN) - Sometimes something as simple as a bracelet can save a life.

For thousands of women who have been rescued from human trafficking in India by the organization Apne Aap, it's not the piece of jewelry itself, but rather the future it can create.
Bangles, necklaces, earrings and even bags made by Apne Aap women from upcycled saris are being sold at American department stores and boutiques and on online as part of Rosena Sammi Jewelry's "Who Sari Now?" Collection

Diamonds are a lady jewel thief's best friend

A round-up of some the most colorful women ever to steal precious gems

jewel thief

Throughout time, there have been a bejeweled handful of lady swindlers who pulled enough fast ones on jewelry shops to get reputations as notorious thieves. From solo operators who started and ended their careers in their 20s, to women who were pulling fast ones on jewelry stories until their 80s, to still others who joined up with the guys to get the job done, history has seen some tenacious and tricky lady jewel thieves.

Collectible jewelry is a popular category, and more valuable than you think

(NEENAH, Wis.) - Charm bracelets have seen a surge in popularity within the last five years, along with fashion trends such as stackable rings. By itself, a single charm or ring may not warrant an appraisal or jewelry insurance policy. However, when the charm bracelet or stackable ring collection is complete, your customer could have an item worth well into the thousands of dollars. Now is a good time to contact those customers who are buyers of similar merchandise and remind them of the overall value.

Missouri couple digs through “mountain of trash” to recover $400K diamond rings

ring trash

Diamonds are forever - even if you accidentally throw them in the trash.

Carla Squitieri did just that earlier this month.

The Missouri woman took off her rings to do dishes at her Clarkson Valley home and, before she put them back on, the doorbell rang.

She ran off to answer and forgot about her 12.5-carat wedding anniversary present and 7-carat infinity band.

The rings sat untouched on the paper towel she was drying her hands with - until that night, when her husband Bernie cleaned up the kitchen and tossed out the stray paper towel.

Carla didn’t realize her valuables weren’t on her hand until the next day, around noon.

Extreme, crude and very expensive: The secret world of watch testing

watch testing

Deep within Rolex's landmark Geneva HQ is a 1.3 tonne lump of stainless steel. Somewhat unprepossessing from the outside, inside is a hostile microcosm.

The tank simulates pressure at 16,000ft below sea level and it is inside that Rolex's Deepsea watches are tested before release onto the market.

It is, potentially, an expensive process. The smallest flaw in each watch's construction will make it explode, so it pays to make sure everything is right before undergoing this hyperbaric assault.

Would be robber killed by California jeweler linked to double homicide


A convicted felon shot dead as he tried to rob a Torrance, CA jewelry store last week has been identified as a person of interest in the killings of an elderly Apple Valley couple, shocking the proprietor who gunned him down.

Keon Lamon Bailey, 20, of Lancaster, whose rap sheet included burglary, possession of stolen property, rape, grand theft, trespassing and sexual battery, is linked to a crime spree after he was paroled from prison in February. In addition to the homicides, Bailey was suspected of robbing an Apple Valley doughnut shop and committing a home invasion, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said.