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Remember the mood ring? A pre-social media way to share your status

atlasobscuraBefore Facebook status updates and 24/7 Tweeting, people needed a way to broadcast their feelings to the rest of the world. Thankfully, despite the lack of social media, there was a way to convey this information: the mood ring.

If you’ve never worn a mood ring, you’re probably aware of the concept: put on the ring and it will change color based on shifts in your emotional state. Each color corresponds to a type of feeling, for example, blue indicates calm and purple reflects sensuality, while black denotes stress or depression.

Wits diamonds are a geoscientist’s best friend

newhistorian geoscientest

Three diamonds, formed billions of years ago and unearthed from an ancient rock formation sometime between 1890 and 1930, have revealed some of the planet’s closely held secrets regarding what the Earth was like billions of years ago.

The goal of the research was to determine when modern plate tectonics began occurring on the planet, a question that doesn’t naturally lead most people to look around for diamonds. However, the green Witwatersrand (Wits) diamonds (named after the region where they were discovered) are ancient – the sedimentary rock they were extracted from is approximately 3 billion years old and the diamonds themselves are even older.

Massive $14 million diamond found in southern Africa: It’s valued at as much as $20 million

usa today 14 million dollar diamond

An Australian company unearthed a massive 404-carat diamond in Angola valued at as much as $14 million, according to ABC.

"We're not used to valuing 400-carat diamonds," Lucapa chairman Miles Kennedy told ABC.

The Lucapa Diamond Company, based in Perth, said it discovered the diamond in its Lulo mine about 300 miles east of Angola's capital, Luanda.

10 Diamond Encrusted Items

diamond itemsHere are 10 items that probably don’t need diamonds. Also included: diamond-like encrusted objects, because they too can be shiny and cost an absurd amount of money, apparently.

Teenager gets to keep $20,000 gold bar found in German lake

teen gold bar

Gold prices up 5% since start of year

Swimming in an Alpine lake on a warm August day has many allures, but for a German teenager it fortuitously became the best investment decision in her young life.

The teenage girl from Germany, who remains anonymous, last summer found a gold bar at the bottom of the lake and quickly surrendered the treasure to the police in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

The Sparkle Rundown

pie chartAmerica’s Diamond & Jewelry Ranking

WP Diamonds, a leading online buyer and partner for retailer buy-back of diamonds, jewelry and watches, has announced the launch of America’s Diamond and Jewelry Ranking. The company’s last 15,000 consumer inquiries and data have informed these findings, covering all 50 states.

America’s Diamond and Jewelry Ranking is the first report of its kind that directly analyzes ownership across the United States.