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Cindy Edelstein dies at 51

Edelstein MarJewelry industry loses a rare gem

(NEW YORK) - Cindy Edelstein, entrepreneur, author, editor and long time consultant to the jewelry industry, died suddenly on January 24. She was 51. The cause was heart failure.

Cindy began her career in the jewelry industry as the fashion editor at JCK magazine. This brought her in contact with jewelry designers and their work, and she soon came to realize that working with them would be her life’s work. In 1991, wanting to support  the growth of this segment of the industry, she founded the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau with her husband, Frank Stankus, with the idea of highlighting the designers and their work in multiple ways.

Treasure hunters seeking to salvage millions in gold coins

newserTeam plans to salvage coins from sunken ship near Boston
(Newser) – Last summer, a team from Endurance Exploration Group used a remotely operated vehicle—or ROV—to recover a glass bottle, a chamber pot fragment, and a piece of china that had been sitting on the seabed some 1,000 feet below the Atlantic Ocean's surface for more than 150 years. It was confirmation that they had discovered the resting place of the SS Connaught, a 370-foot-long steamer that sank April 21, 1860, about 100 miles from Boston.

Forbes reports Apple Watch prices falling, next-gen announcement coming soon

forbes apple watchCould the Apple Watch 2 announcement be just weeks away? The original Cupertino smartwatch has just seen its prices slashed by many major retailers.

Target, Best Buy, B&H and others have cut $100 from over 20 different Apple Watch models meaning you can pick up the watchOS device from as little as $249. That’ll get you the 38mm Sport Edition, it’s $50 more if you want the 42mm model.

JA announces new Member benefits

JAIncludes partnership with Jewelry Asset Services

(NEW YORK) - Jewelers of America (JA) has partnered with Jewelry Asset Services (J.A.S.), a bank loan and inventory lending consulting company that specializes in the jewelry industry. J.A.S. brings new sources of financial liquidity to JA members and the jewelry industry, through their extensive relationships with the banking industry.

Remember the mood ring? A pre-social media way to share your status

atlasobscuraBefore Facebook status updates and 24/7 Tweeting, people needed a way to broadcast their feelings to the rest of the world. Thankfully, despite the lack of social media, there was a way to convey this information: the mood ring.

If you’ve never worn a mood ring, you’re probably aware of the concept: put on the ring and it will change color based on shifts in your emotional state. Each color corresponds to a type of feeling, for example, blue indicates calm and purple reflects sensuality, while black denotes stress or depression.

Wits diamonds are a geoscientist’s best friend

newhistorian geoscientest

Three diamonds, formed billions of years ago and unearthed from an ancient rock formation sometime between 1890 and 1930, have revealed some of the planet’s closely held secrets regarding what the Earth was like billions of years ago.

The goal of the research was to determine when modern plate tectonics began occurring on the planet, a question that doesn’t naturally lead most people to look around for diamonds. However, the green Witwatersrand (Wits) diamonds (named after the region where they were discovered) are ancient – the sedimentary rock they were extracted from is approximately 3 billion years old and the diamonds themselves are even older.