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Diamonds may be the next big thing in the futures market

Move over gold bugs! Futures traders in precious assets may have a new best friend: diamonds.

That’s if Martin Rapaport has his way. The chairman of the Rapaport Group, a source of pricing and other market information in the diamond world, first wrote a diamond-derivatives proposal for the New York Commodities Exchange back in 1982. It was rejected.

But Rapaport has been working on it ever since—and believes that creating a futures market for diamonds is well within reach. In fact, he’s aiming for a late 2016 to early 2017 launch.

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US Jewelry Market Smaller Than Earlier Estimates

(IDEX Online News) – New data from the Department of Commerce shows that sales of fine jewelry and watches in the US market were $74.7 billion in 2014, down from the government’s earlier estimates of $78.1 billion. The Department of Commerce also revised annual sales for 2013 downward, but surprisingly nudged its 2012 sales estimate upward modestly. The government did not revise other years. 

The graph below summarizes annual sales trends in the...

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JewelryCADTraining.com offers affordable CAD training online

CAD(FORT MYERS, Fla.) - Glaser CAD CAM Advisers LLC is pleased to announce, JewelryCADTraining.com, jewelry specific CAD (Computer Aided Design) training is now open for business.

JewelryCADTraining.com is offering elementary to cutting-edge training on newer and older versions of Matrix, Rhino, Magics and will be adding ZBrush and RhinoGold in the near future. The online learning tool will feature videos, course material downloads and live webinars from the industry’s top jewelry CAD software trainers and professionals. JewelryCADTraining.com experts will show you the latest CAD techniques for the most popular and complex designs in the jewelry industry. Specifically designed for jewelry designers, retail storeowner and professionals, JewelryCADTraining.com will help industry professionals increase their skill level with these popular CAD programs.

Rio Grande issues Call for Entries for 2016 Saul Bell Design Award Competition

Rio Grande has issued the call for entries for the 2016 Saul Bell Design Award competition. Now in its 16th year, the international competition encourages designers to push the limits of their skills and imaginations as they create original jewelry art.

“These are people who care deeply and passionately about our craft; most of them have dedicated a lifetime to honing their skills,” says Alan Bell, President of Rio Grande, which hosts the annual competition. “Everyone in the industry benefits from their design leadership and the excitement they bring to the jewelry and metal arts - the new directions and possibilities that emanate from them, and spread to the wider jewelry world.”

GIA introduces Diamond Focus Report

GIANew digital report for natural diamonds weighing between 0.15 and 0.29 carats

(CARLSBAD, Calif.) – Beginning August 3, 2015, GIA is offering the GIA Diamond Focus Report™, a new low-cost digital report for natural, D-to-Z color, round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing between 0.15 and 0.29 carats. The information included in the Diamond Focus Report - carat weight; color, clarity and cut grades; polish and symmetry grade with a fluorescence description - comes from the same standards and processes used for all other GIA report services. Laser inscription of the GIA report number is also included. The results provided in a Diamond Focus Report are available through GIA’s online Report Check, www.gia.edu/report-check-landing; GIA does not issue a printed report with this service.

20 ways to make your jewelry store more green

  • Hoover recycle logo2Produce and sell jewelry made with recycled metals.
  • Produce and sell jewelry made with Certified Fairmined Silver or Gold.
  • Buy only ethically-sourced or recycled diamonds and gemstones.
  • Buy cultured diamonds and gems (100% eco-friendly, grown in a lab and more affordable).
  • Opt to sell vintage, estate or antique jewelry in your store.
  • Accept trade-ins from your customers and melt down their jewelry to create custom pieces for them.
  • Recycle/refine your metal scrap and sweeps with an eco-friendly refiner.
  • Use eco-friendly boxes and packaging, go paperless (i.e. stone fiber bags instead of paper bags).
  • Use eco-friendly (non-toxic) jewelry cleaners in your store.
  • Increase awareness of the green movement. Educate and inform your customers.
  • Support green organizations. Donate a share of your profits to green organizations, partner with organizations like the Nature Conservancy, etc.
  • Maintain a set of core values that includes a responsibility to consumers, the environment and global societies. Work with companies and suppliers that have like core values and interests in doing all they can to create a more sustainable future.
  • Get recycled content certified by a 3rd party organization like SCS Global Services.
  • Earn a seal of approval. One example is the Green America ‘Seal of Approval’. This seal is presented to businesses that go beyond product and service quality to set the highest standards in environmental sustainability and social justice, and work to solve, rather than create, environmental and social problems.
  • Buy locally.
  • Buy supplies that are Made in America  - Companies that keep it “Made in America” are better able to stay in total control of work ethics, standards and quality.
  • Reduce unnecessary postage and printing. Limit your junk mail. Run promotions and distribute information online or through e-mail.
  • Recycle your paper, cardboard boxes, toner cartridges, plastic bottles, glass, metal cans, etc.
  • Save paper – print on both sides, reduce paper consumption by using e-mail, turn out lights, put computers to sleep, take measures to reduce the amount of junk mail your company receives and sends out, use recycled toner cartridges, use re-usable coffee mugs, use rechargeable batteries, etc.
  • Reuse envelopes and boxes whenever possible.
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