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More on appraising

It is with great interest that I read Chuck Koehler’s article about appraising - well, more really about how he appraises.  Today, appraising is no longer considered an added value for jewelry stores -give-them-an-appraisal-higher-than-the-amount-they-paid-’cause-it-will-make-them-feel-good-and-they-will-come-back. The appraiser is now much like other professionals one relies on for accurate, unbiased, documented counsel. The status of appraising has changed dramatically during the late 1970s - the awful days of investment gemstones, tax shelter donations and barter deals.

KDM is preferred jewelry showcase supply partner for Stuller

KDM Feb(CINCINNATI) - Stuller, one of the world’s largest jewelry manufacturers and suppliers to jewelry retailers, has opened their Interiors by Stuller division to its customers enabling them to have direct access to Stuller’s preferred jewelry showcase manufacturer partner, KDM Retail. KDM Retail, the retail environments division of KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group, partnered with Stuller for the launch of the new Interiors by Stuller division which was developed to provide turnkey services to their customers.

Jewelers Mutual expands personal jewelry coverage

Jewelers Mutual is proud to announce expanded coverage for their personal jewelry insurance policy beginning January 1, 2015, both for new and existing policyholders. In addition to Jewelers Mutual’s worldwide protection against loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance, the broadened coverage includes additional preventive repair work to complement what retail warranties and services plans may provide.

Jewelers Mutual’s data breach and cyber related coverage options offer protection in the digital age

(NEENAH, Wis.) - In response to the rising threat of data security breaches, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has created data breach and cyber related protection to better serve the changing needs of jewelers. As more and more information is stored electronically, the potential for data breaches, identity theft, cyber fraud and other threats is growing, and the resulting costs and damage to a jeweler’s reputation can have lasting effects on jewelry businesses.

Rapaport calls for end to rampant over-grading of diamonds

(NEW YORK) - Martin Rapaport recently released a comprehensive editorial entitled “Honest Grading” that discloses the over-grading of over one hundred thousand diamonds, valued at more than a billion dollars. Rapaport calls upon the legitimate jewelry trade to reject those selling over-graded diamonds that fool consumers into believing they are getting better diamonds than they are receiving. 

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