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Gemesis lab-grown diamonds advancing in size and quality

(NEW YORK) - Gemesis, a principal distributor of gem-quality lab-grown diamonds, now offers a 1.78 ct., G color, SI1 clarity, princess-cut lab-created diamond on Gemesis.com. Certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), this diamond - as with all Gemesis colorless lab-grown selections - is classified as the purest Type IIa (extremely rare in nature) and is also the largest, whitest diamond currently achieved.

Jewelers Mutual releases 2-minute videos to help jewelers avoid shipping and receiving losses

(NEENAH, Wis.) - It may seem like simple advice, but when you’re dealing with valuable shipments of jewelry merchandise, you can’t be too careful. Jewelers Mutual has created a two-minute video called “Receiving Like a Pro” to help policyholders avoid preventable losses during the shipping process. The latest video in the Secure Business Series complements “Ship Jewelry Safely and Securely” released in November.

On the Road with Rob Phillips - The Techie Road Warrior

For those of us sales reps who are veterans of the road, we have fond memories of quaint ways of getting phone messages.  In the early 1980s my first answering machine was from Radio Shack and I had to call it from the road and make a unique high pitched sound with a hand held device right into the phone receiver.  And that was just the beginning of the hoops I had to jump thru to hear all the messages while writing them down.

Light up your jewelry store and your sales

No matter how carefully you plan your jewelry store displays and merchandise, your hard work could all be lost in window glare and shadows.

Lighting design can make all the difference to a store’s success, but too often, jewelry retailers neglect it. Not only is lighting critical in setting the mood of your store and showcasing your products, it may very well be one of your biggest expenses. People disregard the importance of lighting. It becomes a huge part of what defines their store and what defines their image.

GIA announces Tawfic Farah Memorial Scholarship

(CARLSBAD, Calif.) - GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has announced the Tawfic Farah Memorial Scholarship, which will be offered beginning June 15, 2014. The annual scholarship will award full tuition for an on-campus student to pursue their Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma, including the required Diamond Grading, Colored Stone Grading and Gem Identification lab classes. The first scholarship will be for a student at GIA’s campus in Mumbai, and will rotate throughout GIA’s global campuses in subsequent years. The application period each year will run through Oct. 31 and is available on GIA’s website at gia.edu/scholarships.

IGI offers free synthetic screening services to DMIA, DCC members

(NEW YORK) - In response to industry concerns regarding the possible mixing of synthetic diamonds with natural diamond parcels, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) has announced it will offer limited-time screenings of up to 100 diamonds – free of charge – to all members of the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association (DMIA) and Diamond Dealers Club (DDC), at IGI’s New York laboratory.

GIA celebrates the life of Bert Krashes

(CARLSBAD, Calif.) – It is with great sadness that GIA (Gemological Institute of America) announces the passing of Bert Krashes, former vice president and member of the Board of Governors, in January from natural causes. Krashes joined GIA in 1949, becoming vice president and director of the Gem Trade Laboratory in New York in 1977. Recognized as one of the Institute’s pioneers, he helped establish its East Coast school, laboratory, gem identification and grading services, and the “traveling classrooms” that took GIA education to jewelers across the United States.

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