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NC jeweler comes back from hurricane better than ever

Goldsboro, NC-based Daughtry Jewelers was ravaged by Hurricane Irene on August 26, 2011.  “It was pure devastation,” said David Hyde, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, “but Eddie (Daughtry) was truly prepared.”

Daughtry-before-Jan Daughtry-before-1-Jan


With the help of Grice Showcase  & Display and Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, among others, Daughtry Jewelers completed renovations/repairs earlier this year and is looking better than ever. Congratulations Eddie - this just goes to show, you can’t keep a good jeweler down!

Daughtry-after-1-Jan Daughtry-after-Jan


Richmond, VA jewelers join forces, raise $13,525 for Children’s Hospital Foundation

(RICHMOND, Vir.) - For the third year in a row a dozen of Richmond, Virginia’s finest jewelers banded together, under the leadership of Cheryl Fornash (Cheryl Fornash Jewelers), to give back to the Richmond community. Each of the participating jewelers donated a piece of jewelry with a retail value of $1,500 to the raffle conducted at the 2012 Children’s Hospital Foundation Ball. The donated jewelry raised $13,525 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

PGSL Diamond Classes bring professionalism to new generation of jewelers

(CHICAGO) - On Monday, November 19th, Professional Gem Sciences Laboratory (PGSL) successfully completed a two-week, intensive diamond training course. The course was held in the Mallers Building in downtown Chicago and was attended by twelve students representing the wholesale, retail, pawn and manufacturing sectors of the industry.

The PGSL diamond course, given bi-monthly, focused on developing sound techniques for grading and evaluating diamonds. In this aim, roughly half the of the two-hour class time was dedicated to lab sessions where hands-on instruction helped reinforce the discussion topics.

Inspection or cleaning: Choose your words carefully

During the warm glow of a successful sale, a jeweler may not always pass along the clearest of information regarding care and cleaning of the customer’s new piece. Jewelers know that to properly care for a piece of jewelry, it should be taken to a jeweler once or twice per year for an inspection. But when jewelers communicate with their customers, this message doesn’t always come across.

Often they warmly tell their customers to, “bring it back anytime for a cleaning.” This well-intentioned statement can cause confusion. In the jeweler’s mind, this means an inspection and a cleaning. But the customer may hear, “how nice that I can bring it here for a cleaning, but I can do that at home too.”

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