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GIA collaborates with Bahrain to develop pearl testing facility

(BAHRAIN) – The Bahrain Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help develop the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Gemstone and Pearl Testing Laboratory (GPTLB) into a world-class research center for natural pearls.

“We’re pleased to contribute GIA’s expertise and research to build on Bahrain’s history and reputation as a leading center for natural pearl research and production,” said Tom Moses, GIA’s executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer.

The initiative, which was agreed on in Nov. 2013, is to protect and enrich Bahrain’s pearling industry by increasing capacity, research, expertise and technology at the GPTLB, and by identifying further opportunities for growth. The memorandum builds on Bahrain’s history as a world pearling center, an industry once considered the backbone of the Kingdom’s economy.

“This is an exciting development for Bahrain’s pearling industry. By working in partnership with GIA, the GPTLB will be provided with the facilities and expertise required to capitalize on regional and international trade and investment opportunities in this fast growing sector,” said Dr. Hassan Abdullah Fakhro, the minister of Industry and Commerce.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with GIA, a leading source of research, standards, and education in gems and jewelry, to ensure the GPTLB has the tools required to boost Bahrain’s pearl production capacity,” added H.E. Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and Acting Chief Executive of the Bahrain EDB. “Historically, pearling was the backbone of our economy, and we want to capitalize on our heritage, combined with world-class techniques and processes, to create a center of excellence for the industry here in Bahrain.”

GIA has an established presence in the Middle East, conducting education programs and courses in major trade centers including Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Jewelry interior design to improve business sales

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is a saying that you have likely heard many times. However, this is an especially important concept when it comes to the interior design of a jewelry store. Every time a customer walks through the door, their first impression causes them to form an immediate opinion about your business based on the environment that they experience. In just a few seconds, customers will decide if your business is a well-designed, professional establishment. It is important that your interior design is keeping up with current trends.

Independent retailers reaping rewards of Preferred Jewelers membership

When Andie Weinman, co-founder of Preferred Jewelers International™ and husband Joe Murphy, created Preferred Jewelers International to showcase a nationwide network of premiere, independently owned and operated jewelry stores, they knew they had a long road ahead. But nearly a year later, their gamble is paying off, and their vision of a “Preferred Family,” is expanding in an increasingly significant way.

JA partners with Likeable Jewelers

Social media platform to provide valuable social media benefits to jewelers

(NEW YORK) - Jewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, has announced a new membership benefit through a partnership with Likeable Jewelers, a social media management platform just for jewelers from Likeable Local. Jewelers of America Members can save money on already competitive pricing for the Likeable Jewelers software suite that develops and distributes entertaining and educational content for Facebook and Twitter, engages future and current customers, targets friends of customers through social advertising and uses Facebook applications to drive leads.

JA scores discount on weather and event-related sales promotions

(NEW YORK) - Jewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, has introduced a new marketing benefit made available to its members through a partnership with Weather Insurance Agency, a leading provider of event, weather and promotional insurance. JA members save 10% on Weather Insurance Agency’s weather and promotion insurance. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie supports C.G. Creations’ Wind & Fire Jewelry Collection

(BEACH HAVEN, N.J.) - Wind & Fire™ Jewelry is proud to announce the support of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The governor was visiting Long Beach Island, located along the famous Jersey Shore, when he stopped in to Jewels By The Bay, an authorized Wind & Fire™ Retailer this summer.

Do not be fooled, the real danger does not come so much from synthetic diamonds, but from the scant response of the diamond industry

Since the opening of its first gemological laboratory in 1975, IGI, a world leader in the analysis and grading of diamonds and gemstones, has seen the changes and challenges facing the diamond industry. Now IGI is witnessing first-hand another challenge to the diamond industry: synthetic diamonds. While the issue is not a new one, and IGI has repeatedly brought this issue to light over the past few years, it is only now that we are observing a generalized panic in the market over synthetic diamonds. 

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