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Cartersville Jewelry Exchange Treasure Chest promotion draws huge crowds, raises money for military families

(CARTERSVILLE, Ga.) - Cartersville Jewelry Exchange’s Treasure Chest promotion drew huge crowds in November, at all 3 of their locations, for the chance to win 1 of 3 pairs of 2 carat diamond stud earrings. Ten percent of the days sales at each store was donated to the Fisher House Foundation. The events on November 15 in Cartersville,  GA, November 22 in Jasper, GA and November 29 in Calhoun, GA raised $750 dollars for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund’s new Fisher House - built to help accommodate the families of our injured returning soldiers during their rehabilitation.

GIA’s Career Search Engine is a free online resource and open to anyone

(CARLSBAD, Calif.) – The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) announced, as of November 2nd, its GIA Career Search Engine has more than 300-plus active gem and jewelry industry positions available.

The Career Search Engine service is the largest free online employment database in our industry, according to GIA Career Services Advisor, Anna Hayman. More than 7,000 industry jobs have been posted since it was launched in 2000.

NC snatch and run theives potentially spotted in Raleigh

The North Carolina Jewelers Association (NCJA) has reported the likely spotting of snatch and run jewelry theives who have robbed a Kannapolis, NC store and we’re seen in Greensboro, NC casing another store.

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry in Raleigh had just read the Southern Jewelery News article (“NC jeweler victim of snatch and run”, Jan. 2010) about the Village Jewelry (Kannapolis) robbery.  A short time later, a pregnant woman and a friend came into the store with the same story they told at the Kannapolis store.  It became more coincidental that the couple exited the store and drove away in a black 4-door Honda Accord with NC plates as reported in the previous robbery.

Extensive testing by jewelry retail software leader shows Windows 7 safe, reliable

(SHELTON, Conn.) - Microsoft Corp.’s much-touted Windows 7 operating system is more stable and reliable than its predecessor, Vista, but there’s no need for independent jewelers to rush into buying it, says Joseph Shapiro, co-founder and senior vice president of research and development at Abbott & Shapiro LLC, an industry leader in the retail automation software business with The Edge system.

CounterSketch Studio completes beta launch

(LAFAYETTE, La.) – Due to demand beyond expectations in the newly released software system, Stuller and Gemvision Corporation have announced that all available 2009 licenses of CounterSketch Studio (CSS) have been filled.

CounterSketch Studio, a newly developed, three dimensional jewelry design platform, was launched in beta form to a limited number of retailers in November 2009.

Stuller’s Red Box Diamonds® certified by GemEx

(LAFAYETTE, La.) - Stuller’s diamond brand, Red Box Diamonds® is now supported by GemEx Systems, Inc., the global leader in diamond brilliance, fire and sparkle certification.

GemEx Systems uses its patented BrillianceScope® Analyzer to measure a diamond’s white light (brilliance), color light (fire) and scintillation (sparkle).  Select Red Box Diamonds are individually measured by the BrillianceScope and go through the GemEx quality control program, ensuring that each diamond measured has high-quality Light Performance®.

Leading Jewelers Guild members receive robust marketing services

(LOS ANGELES) - Leading Jewelers Guild (LJG) members had a dizzying number of options for marketing in the fall of 2009, from inexpensive group run catalogs and promotions to fully customized projects.

Standard group run catalogs featured an overall emphasis on fashion and female self-purchase highlighted by co-branding with Kathy Ireland Jewelry.“Kathy Ireland and her team have been active partners in getting our message out,” said Buyers’ Committee chair Amy Sachnoff (Greenberg’s Jewelers, Sioux City, IA), “She’s done custom TV and radio, supplied us with autographed copies of her books for special events, she’s even done kick-off conference calls with our store personnel and managers!”

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