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Sanford treasure hunters find $1M in gold off Florida's coast

Rare gold coinWhen Eric Schmitt's metal detector got a hit about 15 feet below the ocean's surface, he didn't think much of it.

Most of the time, the metal detectors uncover beer cans and lead fishing weights. But this time was different. This time, the treasure-hunter from Sanford struck gold, and a lot of it.

Schmitt and his family found 52 gold coins worth more than $1 million. The star of the haul was an extremely rare coin known as a "Tricentennial Royal" minted in 1715. It had been underwater since a fleet of Spanish ships foundered during a hurricane along Florida's Treasure Coast 300 years ago, Schmitt said.

Southern Jewelers Guild debuts

Focuses on marketing, digital assets & retailer/vendor connective services

SJG logoAfter several years of research, and months of planning, the Southern Jewelers Guild will have its official launch at the August, 2015 Atlanta Jewelry Show.

The concept, created by Ann Glynn, President of GJB, Inc., and Executive Director of the Texas Jewelers Association with assistance from Bill Newnam and Chris Smith, co-owners of Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News, will focus on helping independent retailers with online and offline marketing, and creating strong relationships with retailers and vendors through connective services.

JVC introduces new Guide to Intellectual Property Law

(NEW YORK) - The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (“JVC”) is pleased to announce the release of its latest publication, “I’ve Got An Idea! JVC’s Guide to Intellectual Property Law”. This handbook is intended for any business in the jewelry industry that is interested in learning more about how to protect their intellectual property. Sponsored by Kwiat, this book will provide legal education to a large segment of JVC’s membership and those who create intellectual property, whether that takes the form of designs, inventions or brands. It also runs as a companion piece to the JVC’s “Guide to Selling Jewelry in the 21st Century: Legal Compliance for Designers, Independent Jewelers, and Online Sellers”, adding to the valuable compliance information included there.

Spinel: Ready to be appreciated

spinelImagine venturing through history with a mistaken identity, unknown and thought to be something else entirely. That’s the case for the under appreciated gemstone, spinel. For centuries, this vibrant gem was mistaken for the more popular ruby or sapphire, denying its true place among the most popular gemstones.

Intense red and blues make it desirable, but its range of color makes it unique. Found in pinks, purples, green and even violet, it splashes the color spectrum for all tastes. In addition to the unique color range, pricing also makes this stone attractive.

China finally says how much gold it has, but nobody believes it

MW DI344 chinag 20150325130214 ZHChina released data on its gold holdings for the first time in about six years, but investors say the guessing game about the country’s actual inventory continues.

The People’s Bank of China on Friday published figures on its gold reserves for the first time since 2009. Its official gold reserves stood at 53.3 million ounces, or 1,658 metric tons, in June.

The last time China reported official figures was in April 2009. Back then, the figure stood at 1,054 metric tons, according to Ross Norman, chief executive officer at Sharps Pixley.

Distinct points of view and a broad product range define JA New York Summer 2015

Retailers express enthusiasm for both product and environment

(NEW YORK) - The JA New York Summer show, held July 26 - 28th at the Jacob Javits Center, was host to an astounding breadth of product offerings in a serene and welcoming environment. Architectural or personalized pieces on display in the designer pavilions, richly unique pieces shown in the Turkish pavilion, the breadth of offerings in the expansive Hong Kong pavilion, and all of the prestigious brands in Inner Circle, were just some of the areas attending retailers were buzzing about.

Nina Nguyen marries romance and nature for new Ha Long Bay Collection

Geometric patterns, abstract stone shapes and carved turquoise are just a few of the features destined to make Nina Nguyen’s Ha Long Bay Collection a success.

NinaThe collection features a magnificent mix of stones, styles and shapes, all of which blend together seamlessly to prove that layering will continue to be a look that consumers will love.

Drawing from her love of Ha Long Bay and the magical memories of her wedding, which took place there, Nguyen has assembled an exciting selection of gemstones that honor the natural beauty of Vietnam’s mythical landscape. Opals, moonstone, geodes and of course, her signature druzy anchor the collection, with turquoise, aquamarine, green kyanite and tourmaline pieces bringing a splash of the unexpected.