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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie supports C.G. Creations’ Wind & Fire Jewelry Collection

(BEACH HAVEN, N.J.) - Wind & Fire™ Jewelry is proud to announce the support of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The governor was visiting Long Beach Island, located along the famous Jersey Shore, when he stopped in to Jewels By The Bay, an authorized Wind & Fire™ Retailer this summer.

Do not be fooled, the real danger does not come so much from synthetic diamonds, but from the scant response of the diamond industry

Since the opening of its first gemological laboratory in 1975, IGI, a world leader in the analysis and grading of diamonds and gemstones, has seen the changes and challenges facing the diamond industry. Now IGI is witnessing first-hand another challenge to the diamond industry: synthetic diamonds. While the issue is not a new one, and IGI has repeatedly brought this issue to light over the past few years, it is only now that we are observing a generalized panic in the market over synthetic diamonds. 

New report from Jewelers of America reveals secrets of high-profit performance

(NEW YORK) - Jewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, has published the 2013 Jewelers of America Cost of Doing Business Report, an invaluable benchmarking tool for retail jewelers. The Report compiles 2012 financial data from a cross section of jewelers and reveals high-profit performance indicators so jewelers can see how their figures compare. The 2013 edition includes more details of key data, such as expanded merchandise categories, advertising channels, demographic location and more.

IGI spotlights synthetic identification, batch testing services

(NEW YORK) - In light of the recent trade alerts that “large amounts of synthetic lab grown diamonds are being mixed with natural diamonds in parcels of melee and pointers,” the International Gemological Institute (IGI) is emphasizing it’s well-established synthetic identification services.

Richline looks to licensing

Richline Group, Inc. is taking steps to enhance its licensed jewelry offerings.

In support of a growing licensing business, Richline Brands has now secured an additional agreement to manufacture market and distribute jewelry under the brand American Greetings Design Studio, which features the beautiful greeting card artwork and sentiments of American Greetings Corporation.

IDD set to deliver Diamond Basics for the Holidays

IDD of New York, a premier diamond basic supplier in the jewelry industry for 30 years, has certainly seen its share of holiday success.  With hundreds of loyal customers, numerous years in operation, and their award winning service, it’s clear IDD has what retail jewelers need in diamond basics during the holidays. 

Candace DuCharme, Signature Engraving Systems passes

The Signature family is truly at a loss for words with the recent passing of their Southeast Senior Sales Manager, Candace DuCharme. “As a 22-year employee, everyone who met her felt as if they had known her for a lifetime - she made them feel extra special.  Candace had the ability to capture the attention of her customers as she went through ways of promoting growth within her customers’ businesses. She had a knack for teaching her customers about Signature’s machines in a fun and witty fashion.”

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