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Startup wants to replace the silicon in your smartphone with diamonds


Chances are you’ve never heard of Akhan Semiconductor, but the company is well on its way to producing the hardware at the heart of your next smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, or virtual reality headset. The new components won’t only last longer and perform better than today’s tech, but their environmental impact will be much less severe, too. The big secret? Diamonds.

Instead of making processing chips out of silicon, Akhan is using jewelry’s favorite gem stone.

How customers scam online jewelers out of their luxury gems

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Leon Rbibo has been selling high-grade pearls online for 11 years, often inspecting the priciest ocean gems personally before they leave his Los Angeles business, The Pearl Source.

So when a customer from Flushing, Queens, returned a $1,300 ring with a black Tahitian pearl, claiming she was unhappy with the color, Rbibo was suspicious.

Jewelers Mutual Security Tip How to protect your jewelry business outside normal hours

How to protect your businessPut yourself in the shoes of a criminal.

If you were trying to steal jewelry without anyone immediately noticing, when and how would you do it?

Robberies are about being noticed through force or fear, so that is too brazen to go unnoticed. Sneak, distraction, and switch thefts take a well-orchestrated effort to pull off, so that may be too difficult for most people to accomplish.

Mom reunited with wedding ring months after son flushes it down toilet


Anna Cornish remembers putting her wedding ring on the bathroom counter of her Bothell, Washington home after giving her children a bath in May.

She had a good night sleep but woke up to bad news.

“My husband went into the bathroom and said Anna, where’s your ring?” she told a Global News affiliate.

Rapaport reports diamond prices slide in June

1 ct. RAPI -0.7% in 2Q

(NEW YORK) - Polished diamond prices fell in June and sentiment softened after relatively weak Las Vegas and Hong Kong shows. Steady U.S. demand is supporting the market but overall demand is sluggish. Brexit, the U.S. election and continued weakness in China’s luxury sector are fueling uncertainty.

ELLE Time & Jewelry launches Plume Collection to rave reviews

ELLE(DALLAS) - ELLE Time & Jewelry is pleased to announce the launch of its new Plume collection, which features the fashion forward feather theme that is on trend for 2016-2017.

This all silver collection debuted at JCK and garnered attention for its sleek designs. The collection is made with ELLE’s high standard of quality and several pieces include stunning CZ stones positioned to sparkle brilliantly. Plume includes a two-piece convertible necklace, a bolo-style necklace, threader earrings and additional coordinating pieces ranging in retail price from $50 to $200.