Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Rio Grande debuts stronger PMC PRO™

Rio Grande has added a stronger formula of PMC® to its line of precious metal clays: new PMC PRO™. Just like other metal clays, PMC PRO can be rolled, cut, stamped, formed and assembled into nearly any shape or design. It then fires into a unique silver alloy (PMC PRO is 90% silver and 10% copper) that is superior to any previous precious metal clay in tensile strength, bending strength and surface hardness.

Metal clay artists and sculptors will love the design possibilities opened to them with this stronger formula. PMC PRO™ has a number of unique characteristics that make it a great companion to its PMC® siblings:

  • PMC PRO™ fires stronger than any other PMC®, making it perfect for rings, bracelets, hinges, joints and other jewelry components that will take stress during wear or use.
  • PMC PRO™ fires in just 60 minutes at 1400°F in activated carbon.
  • PMC PRO™ stays workable for longer than other PMC® formulas and has a greater green strength, meaning it holds up wonderfully to smaller detail work when in a leather-dry state.

PMC PRO™ is available now at riogrande.com.