Latest News What's New FASTfire BRONZclay™ ushers in a new age for metal clay

FASTfire BRONZclay™ ushers in a new age for metal clay


Rio Grande is proud to add new FASTfire BRONZclay™ to its growing line of metal clay products. FASTfire BRONZclay has a drastically reduced firing time compared to original BRONZclay - pieces can be fired in as little as two hours depending on their size and thickness and the size of the kiln used.

Metal clay artists will love the affordability and versatility of FASTfire BRONZclay™. It can be rolled, stamped, molded and cut just like any other metal clay and, when fired, it displays a range of beautiful, warm bronze tones. FASTfire BRONZclay has a number of unique characteristics that make it a great companion to original BRONZclay:

  • FASTfire BRONZclay™ can be fired in two hours with full ramp speed.
  • Joints are easy to create.
  • The final color is more yellow than original BRONZclay.
  • Shrinkage is less than 10%.
  • FASTfire BRONZclay pieces are easy to file and drill after firing.

FASTfire BRONZclay is available now and can be found online at For more information please visit the website, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 800-545-6566.


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