Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Michael Couch & Associates announces live web video calls

Michael Couch & Associates is now assisting clients live, over the Internet, using V-By, a web-based video connection.  With this new digital product, you get a real-time view of a particular stone or piece of jewelry so you can see for yourself if it is exactly what you are looking for as you are discussing your needs.

For example; say a customer needs a 2 ct. violet sapphire.  You call Michael Couch & Associates (888-256-0445), they will send you an e-mail, and with a few clicks on the computer, you have a “live” connection to their office and can see what is available in a particular color, size, price range, etc., almost if Michael was in your store with the actual stones.

The stone can be rotated or turned, or you can see finished jewelry, as need be.  This live demo is the next best thing to being there.  Michael can e-mail photos, or even video, of what you viewed.  In addition, the gems or jewelry can be in your office the next business day via Fed Ex.

Couch has recently moved his Iowa office from West Des Moines to Windsor Heights.  He invites everyone to call and be among the first to visit his new office via the Internet.