Latest News What's New CraftOptics introduces Ergonomic Magnifying Telescopes for jewelry artists

CraftOptics introduces Ergonomic Magnifying Telescopes for jewelry artists


(MADISON, Wisc.) - Craft-optics, LLC has developed and patented a high resolution, lightweight magnification system that provides jewelry artists with outstanding visual acuity and a working distance that allows comfortable neck and back positioning.

CraftOptics new magnifying telescopes designed specially for jewelers.
The magnifying telescopes work in combination with the user’s current reading or bifocal prescriptions to double visual capability and reduce eye, back and neck strain. They are mounted on titanium eyeglass frames and can be flipped up to allow the user to utilize their own natural or corrected vision.

CraftOptics owners and designers have created magnifying telescopes for dentists and surgeons since 1981 and are now offering the same features and optical quality to jewelry artists.

For further information visit or call 888-444-7728.


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