Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

AGS grading documents get feature for report verification

(LAS VEGAS) - The American Gem Society Laboratories, LLC (AGS Labs) has added a Quick Response (QR) code to the following documents: the AGS Diamond Quality® Document series, the Diamond Quality® Report series and the AGS Diamond Quality® Certificate.

The QR code is unique for each AGS number.  Using a smart phone QR code reader or the AGS Lab’s custom Apple or Android app, the QR code links directly to the AGS Lab website Report Verification section to facilitate data retrieval and document verification for that particular diamond.  When scanning the QR code with the AGS Lab’s custom Apple or Android app, the document holder will then have a choice to download the PDF representation of the document directly to their mobile device and store it for later viewing or comparison shopping.  When scanning with a free QR code reader, the document holder will be asked if they would like to download the free AGS Lab app.  If the document holder declines to download the Lab’s custom app, he or she will be directed to the AGS Lab website Report Verification page and be able to view the PDF representation.

With this feature, a consumer doesn’t have to enter an individual AGS number and weight for Report Verification when comparison shopping.  A diamond dealer can quickly download and store inventory documents on a smart phone.

The QR code can be scanned from any smart phone and Android or Apple tablet devices.  The AGS Lab custom Report Verification apps are available only for Apple and Android devices.

To download the Apple or Android app, go to www.agslab.com

For more information on the AGS Performance-Based cut grade system, or any of the AGS Laboratories’ products and services, please visit www.agslab.com or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..