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Announcing The Business Building System for Retail Jewelers


A better way to drive more customers into your store

Most independent retail jewelers struggle to get new customers. Few have any way of consistently getting referrals. And almost all jewelers would like their current customers coming back and spending more. “Now there is a solution,” says Wesley Murph co-creator of The Business Building System for Retail Jewelers.

“I built this system to give retail jewelers numerous online and offline strategies to get new customers... to get more referrals... and to grow their income,” said Murph. “The strategies in this system use D.R.M. principles so every dollar is accountable and delivers a spike in business right away.”

A few of the components of The Business Building System for Retail Jewelers includes:

  • 17 ways to attract more referrals in a month than you now get all year...
  • How to use your “hidden goldmine” to grow your profits by 23% or more for only 77 cents...
  • How to get the #1 ranking on Google so you snag the lion’s share of online customers...
  • What to put on a SIGN to double your sales...
  • What to add to your website to drive qualified engagement ring leads into your e-mail box all month long...
  • How to make money from Social Media instead of wasting hours in front of your computer...
  • How to use a 6 cent fax to get your local media to run a story on your jewelry store...
  • How to use Google Adwords to dominate the fine jewelry market in your neighborhood.
  • And much more.

For a free Report and DVD that explains The Business Building System for Retail Jewelers in detail, call 877-219-5162. When you call, you’ll hear a brief recorded message. Leave your name and address after the message. And your free information kit will be sent out for no cost or obligation. And no salesperson will ever call you either.


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