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Modern Day Selling - The Modern Day Store: Creating a unified store Article II: The Great Awakening

Last month we began a journey to lead you to new found freedom and success. In article number one, we discussed the great disconnection that has taken place between owners and sales associates. This month we move forward in discovering The Great Awakening.

As I mentioned last month, there is a stirring within that sends out a spark that ignites a new found passion and energy to search for the answers to our many issues today. For years we have ignored the issue of disconnection and, in fact, many never even knew that it existed until this great awakening.

Last month was your awakening moment to see clearly that a modern day civil war has been taking place within our stores. It is now time for brothers to quit fighting against brothers and become united as one again. We only need to look back at our nation’s Civil War and see the way to finding this unification. It was not until a truce was called that a re-constitution era took place that unified our country once again. As we all know this led to the birth of one of the greatest nations this world has ever seen.

It was only when we put aside our differences and unified that such a nation could take shape. Could you imagine where we would be if we had not found our way to unifying as one nation? None of the freedoms and riches would have been found and we would have stayed in the darkness of those days.

Through the years of battles within our stores, many have paid the ultimate price. Stores have risen, and fallen, taking with them their defeated owners. Many sales associates have come and left in defeat. Now that a great awakening has occurred, a truce has been called. Both sides look upon each other with regret and remorse as they see the devastation that was created. What is left are many wounded warriors who have survived and are in need of assistance. Many are tired and weary from the battles that were fought and are in need of assistance. I encourage you all to care for one another and build each other up and strengthen your store. Eventually time will heal the wound, but let the scars be a constant reminder so we never go back to being divided.

The truth is that I myself was a wounded warrior in the past. I have faced many of the same battles that you have faced. I know the frustrations that many of you store owners face and the disrespect that you feel within. I have felt the pressures that you face every day and know how heavy the load is that you carry around.

Sales associate, I have felt the pain of lack of appreciation and neglect. I understand the many pressures that you face every day. Now that an awakening has taken place, the true change must begin in your heart. That is where the healing process begins.

When you allow these truths to enter your heart it flows over to your mind and suddenly your thought process is changed. The way you used to think and feel has been transformed into a new beginning. Let it be known that this day a message has gone out to the world of jewelry retail. The truths that you have so desperately looked for have found you and your career will never be the same.

For those of you who have awakened I encourage you to explore this new found truth in deeper understanding. Next month we will continue with article number three titled, “Beginning the Process of Reconnecting.” You will be given fresh insight in detail on how go about the reconnection process within your store and what to watch out for.

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