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With an eye for romance, Innovation Jewelry enjoys success with new bridal line

Innovation Jewelry made its mark in the beginning with expert work in invisible-set jewelry; now the company is capitalizing on its reputation for quick turnaround times and excellent quality with its popular bridal venture, Babiki Jewelry.

Babiki Jewelry is the bridal engagement brand created by Innovation’s owner, Simon Babikian, who has been designing jewelry for more than 40 years. Simon, who moved to the United States from Lebanon in 1990, began his career in jewelry at a young age after watching his father at work. After arriving in the United States, he joined his brother in the jewelry business before branching off in his own direction.

Innovation-JanSimon was one of the first in the industry to start working with invisible-set jewelry, mastering an art that launched the birth of Innovation Jewelry in the heart of Los Angeles’ downtown jewelry district.

“Invisible-set diamonds are not held in by any overlapping metal,” the company says. “It is an intricate 14-step process that consists of no prong-work, no beads . . . just smooth rows of glorious never-ending diamonds . . . invisibly set diamonds are cut with grooves, and they have to be set into hidden mounting channels. The pavilions (base of the diamonds) are cut with notches and grooves that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle into a metal frame or matrix.”

Customers appreciate the custom-designed elegance that has been the hallmark of Innovation Jewelry since the company’s beginnings with invisible-set jewelry. These invisible settings take special skill, and Simon is proud to be one of the few professionals to have mastered the technique.

“Innovation Jewelry is doing business with the same idea as always, but our new direction is the bridal line,” Simon says. “That’s the only change I’ve made in the last few years.”

Variety of Goods & Services

Although Innovation Jewelry was founded on invisible settings, it is now immersed in other aspects of the industry as well. Custom designs, CAD designs, 3-D CAD wax, milling wax and hand-carved wax, laser and hand engraving, custom-cut diamonds and semi-precious stones, settings (channel, invisible, pavé, micro-pavé, U-shaped, Craponia), repairs (customized super-fit shanks, rebuilding channel walls, stone replacement, laser welding, custom diamond cutting) and ideal finished goods in gold, extra-white, platinum and silver are some of the products and services offered.

“We do a lot of special orders around the country,” Simon says. “People love our bridal line. We do CAD/CAM and special orders, along with our Babiki line, and we’re doing very well with that. I do the designs, then I give the ideas to my son and our co-workers, and they do all of the work on CAD.”

Master Designer

Innovation-Simon-JanAll of Babiki Jewelry’s designs are created by Simon, and the pieces are produced in-house from start to finish. Using top-quality materials and workmanship, the jewelry is crafted with passion and skill by the 10 people employed at the company’s L.A. facility.

Babiki Jewelry prides itself on creating custom-designed engagement rings with “classic artisanship and timeless elegance . . . unique at any price point.” The Babiki designs are known for their “intricate detail and delicate curves,” and many of the rings feature the line’s signature Side Marquee Design, imparting a one-of-a-kind appeal. Babiki Jewelry credits the line with bringing more je ne sais quoi to the bridal world.

The jeweler’s technique of micro-pavé and eye for detail make for “revolutionary new designs” graced with one-of-a-kind beauty.

Simon’s goal with the Babiki line was to create a bridal line that embodies true romance. He incorporated traditions of his homeland into his designs, adding classic engraving and an antique finish personalized with a blue sapphire (the “Stone of Destiny”) and marquee shapes in the shank that symbolize good luck, happiness, caring and love.

The brand’s motto says it all: “Babiki Jewelry: As Unique as Your Love for Each Other.”

For more information about Innovation Jewelry, you can call 800-457-4003, visit the websites innovationjewelry.com and babikijewelry.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..