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Meet Ashley van Creveld - president, Southwest Diamond Cutters

Specializing in recutting and repairing diamonds

As president of the Dallas-based diamond cutting factory, Southwest Diamond Cutters, Inc., Ashley van Creveld is swiftly positioning the company as one of the premier cutters for the industry, specializing in the re-cutting of diamonds.

“My family has a long tradition in the manufacturing of diamonds,” says van Creveld. “When I emigrated from South Africa and started the company in 1992, I saw a need to offer unbiased, professional, re-cutting services to the trade.”

SWDC-JanDue to the recent, world-wide economic down turn, the quantity of pre-owned diamonds has increased dramatically, creating a vast opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to establish their own source of merchandise and more profits for their business.  As such, re-cutting has become a crucial aspect of maximizing the value of existing diamonds.  

As van Creveld puts it: “America is the most lucrative source of goods in the world. In recent years, this has become a much more recognized aspect of the industry. So I began looking at existing product as a means to give our clients the inventory they need to maximize their profits from polished diamonds already available in the market place.” 

Southwest Diamond Cutters. Inc. specializes in repairing and re-cutting diamonds to meet customers’ unique specifications at their state-of-the-art cutting facilities in Dallas.  “The attention to detail has always been our primary focus in growing our business,” he says. “This can only be achieved by having direct control over every aspect of the cutting process and cannot be contracted out due to the fine precision needed to finesse the maximum weight of the diamond. When we receive a diamond, it is exclusively under our guidance, and we give the utmost attention to each of the stones and our customers’ needs.” 

Jeffrey P. Hess, wholesaler of old European diamonds and President of Old Northeast Jewelers in Florida agrees. “I’ve been in this business for a long time and have worked with a lot of cutters over the years. Ashley is one of the most talented and honest professionals in the industry,” he says. “He listens to our needs, is extremely knowledgeable in the trade, and instead of simply taking a stone and getting it back to us as fast as they can, Ashley and his team are very responsive and give us the best service we could ask for.”

SWDC-1-JanAs a complementary service to the industry, Southwest Diamond Cutters, Inc. offers a free consultation with customers while they are in the purchasing process of a second-hand diamond.  “People can call us directly and give us the weight and dimensions of a diamond,” van Creveld says. “At that point we can advise them on approximately how much it will lose in weight, as well as the value, so they are not left over-paying for a diamond.”

For more information please call Southwest Diamond Cutters at 972-387-1078 or visit www.SouthwestDiamondCutters.com.