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IGI announces new educational developments


(ANTWERP, Belgium) - The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has announced extensions of its existing gemological courses in Antwerp intended to provide both new students and alumni the opportunity to update their knowledge base in the wake of new industry concerns and developments related to synthetic diamonds and treatments.

Roland Lorié, IGI CEO, explained: “Jewelers and consumers read news related to synthetics almost on a weekly basis and this is becoming a major area of concern for those not familiar with the diamond industry. We have seen a clear increase in demand for knowledge, hence the decision to extend the IGI Polished Diamond Course from eight to 10 days, as well as the addition of more detailed information and practices on synthetic diamonds, diamond treatments and enhancements, and grading of mounted stones, to the current program.

For individuals with time constraints, IGI now also organizes a biannual Five-day Diamond Grading Course. It covers the same content as the original course except for diamond treatments, synthetics and grading of stones in mounted condition.

The IGI Rough Diamond Course is now one day longer (eight days) so students can familiarize themselves with rough scanning, planning and analysis using specialized computer software.

In order to introduce students to a wider variety of stones, two days of practical sessions have been added to the IGI Colored Stones Course.

In addition, IGI is pleased to introduce its “Workshop Week.” This workshop offers five distinct modules of one day each where students are introduced to the most up-to-date information and latest developments in their topic of choice. They can choose a specific topic or a combination of modules: Synthetic Diamonds, Diamond Treatments, Jewelry Grading, Precious Metals and Organic Gems.

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