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AuRACLE AGT1 Deluxe Kit by GemOro


GemOro’s AuRACLE AGT1, patented, top selling electronic gold tester is now in a complete kit. Designed to allow you to quickly, safely and accurately buy and appraise gold and platinum with confidence, the kit now includes a multi-voltage 110-240V AC adaptor, and handy carrying case.

GemOro-MarchThe AuRACLE AGT1 is simple to use and delivers immediate test results. It accurately identifies the full range of gold, from 10K-24K, platinum, non-gold, gold plate and gold filled.  The revolutionary tester uses no dangerous acid, messy gel or staining chemicals.  Simply touch the pen probe to gold and an LED readout accurately indicates karat.  Pen probe provides approximately 5000 tests.

Available from all GemOro dealers worldwide.  To contact the GemOro dealer nearest you call 800-527-0719 or visit


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