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Prakash Mehta, Interings, honored with RJO’s Lifetime Achievement Award

(COVINGTON, Ky.) - Prakash Mehta, was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO) for his outstanding dedication and commitment to the retail jewelry industry.   Mehta, a member of RJO since 1987, was honored at the exclusive 2013 RJO Buying Show in Covington, KY.

Prakash-SeptPrakash Mehta followed in his father’s footsteps and began his career as an electrical engineer, graduating from a prestigious university in India. In his formative years he built an infrastructure for power starved villages in India and honed some of his core beliefs in connectivity and inter-connectivity; a philosophy he carried with him when he formed Interings.  He brought the same dedication, devotion and determination to the world’s fine jewelry market creating well conceived and designed manufacturing and marketing plans to benefit independent retail jewelers.

Mehta has dedicated his life to this trade and has used innovative marketing methods to cement his success in the industry.  However, it is just as important to speak of the man outside the business. 

His son, Gaurav, who works in finance for the health insurance industry states: “My father is down to earth and humble and has always been there for his family.  His dedication and work ethic blow me away every single day.  He is always there for his clients, customers, and vendors.  He has been an inspiration in my life. All I’ve accomplished in my life is because of him. I would have been nothing without his support and encouragement. At the end of each day I can say I’m proud and lucky to have a father like him.” 

Another son, Bhavin, who works side-by-side with his father at Interings stated: “Our families admire my father for his many contributions. A legacy of true devotion and ultimate sacrifice, he is leaving behind a rich source of inspirational teachings for our future generations to emulate. He has fulfilled my grandfather’s lifelong dreams. He has worked hard, attentively and aggressively to accomplish the organization’s objectives with an engineer’s precision. He has always inspired us to work a little extra for this new generation of RJO jewelers.” 

Mehta’s exceptional career includes a lasting dedication to the Indian and Color Stone Association.  Currently serving on the board, Mehta is well-respected and admired by his fellow members.  The association’s core principles include determination, to always put customers first; clarity, in all business dealings; and ability, to service the customer’s every need. Mehta exemplifies these values at the highest level. 

RJO is pleased to present Mr. Mehta with this distinguished award.  It is RJO’s belief this is the first time an Indian manufacturer has received such a prestigious award from a buying group. 

Mehta said he was completely surprised by the award. “Indeed I am humbled and it’s a great honor for me and my family to be recognised by the peers in the industry,” he said. He added that he is particlularly honored because he has been informed by leaders in the industry that he is the first Indian vendor to ever receive a Lifetime Achievement Award in the American jewelry industry by any of the important buying groups. “It indeed is a great honor for my country too,” he said.

Prakash-family-Sept“I was so overwhelmed at that moment I couldn’t say a word,” said Mehta. He remembers, “tears coming out of my eyes because of the moment and the love, affection and the warmth showed by all there by giving me a standing ovation. This simply was one of the best moments of my life.

“I would like to thank the RJO Board and the members from the bottom of my heart for this great honor.

“I feel very blessed by God, my parents, the strength and support of my wife Sarayu, and my two sons.”

Prakash Mehta is a passionate, caring and honorable man; a true role model for all in his commitment to his customers and his dedication to the jewelry industry.  On a day he states, “Is truly one of the best days of my life,” RJO was honored to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Prakash Mehta, of Interings.

The Retail Jewelers Organization, founded in 1966, was formed by a small group of independent jewelers who joined together to command better pricing by buying collectively. Since that time, RJO has added hundreds of members, essential support programs and marketing services while remaining owned by its jeweler members.  For more information on RJO, visit www.rjomembers.com.  For more information on Interings, please visit www.interings.com.