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The Story Behind the Stone: Coming up green

Color trends forecaster Pantone Color Institute proclaimed 2013 to be the year of a verdant lush green called Emerald Radiant. Look for the vibrant hue to influence purchasing and lifestyle decisions for fashion and home. “It’s the most abundant hue in nature,” Pantone executive director Leatrice Eiseman said. “The human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum.”

Jarrett-SeptemberEmerald’s Eternal Allure

Gemstone lovers will be raiding their jewel boxes for accessories in this lively hue once again; while others will call upon their jeweler for new options in this upbeat tint. One won’t have to look far with so many green gems available. But the most beloved green jewel the world over is emerald.

You love it too, you say? You’re in good company. Ancient Egyptians hoarded the sparkly stone thousands of years ago not only for its intrinsic beauty, but because they attributed special healing powers to the gem.

Today connoisseurs may prefer their emerald from the nearly 150 famed Colombian deposits, some of which have been mined since pre-Colombian times. Their distinctive hue is so highly prized that even their iconic branch-like inclusions are lauded as proof of their genuine nature. These jardin, as the natural inclusions are referred, are rich with story telling opportunities for you to engage your customers. Show them these natural characteristics and reinforce that they are looking at a marvel of the growth phase of these sparklers.

But there are other ways to engage your customers. The conversation can go along these lines: If you draw inspiration from Pantone’s 2013 Emerald Radiant, take note of how this color makes you feel. As we cautiously step past a lagging economy of the last few years, adding emerald green to our accessories wardrobe may instill in us feelings of hopefulness and expectation. If emerald is not your customer’s preference, offer other well priced greenies like peridot, beryl, tsavorite garnet, green quartz, green sapphire, and so on.

Top Jewelers Go Green

Iconic haute-jewelry brand Gumuchian is praised for their dazzling diamonds and gemstones like world-class emeralds set in their couture collections. Gumuchian owner Myriam Gumuchian-Schreiber tells us, “Colombian Emeralds are one of our favorite colored stones to work with. Their unique green color makes me dream of exotic and warm places. They flatter any skin tone and always give such a lasting impression.”

That’s good news for all jewelry lovers. Because cultivated jewelers who are expert in fine gemstones make it easy for collectors to experience a range of stunning colored stones and hone their sophisticated taste. It’s little wonder that jewelers are also fans of certain sparklers.

Some things never change, such as our timeless attraction to colorful gems like emerald. Cleopatra adored wearing emeralds so much she had her own mines. I think she’d still be thrilled with them today.

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