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Fallaize Insurance Agency celebrates 55 years, three generations

(ATLANTA) - The year was 1975 and a jeweler from a small suburb in north Atlanta known as Sandy Springs called his friend Jim Fallaize about a solicitation he had received from an insurance company. Sam Fowler was just a watchmaker who sold some jewelry as a complement to his watch repair business. 

Jim Fallaize was an independent insurance agent in Atlanta and agreed to help his friend complete a jewelers block application. At that time jewelers block was a little known coverage as the businesses purchasing such coverage were generally large with substantial inventories.  Small independent jewelers had little knowledge, if any, of the coverage or how to purchase it. If they offered it at all, most insurance companies had minimum premiums starting at thousands of dollars.

Around that time, an insurance company from the Midwest, Jewelers Mutual, was attempting to expand their business. After helping Sam Fowler obtain coverage with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Jim wrote the company to inquire about becoming an agent for them.

In February 1976, Jim Fallaize met with Ron Harder who had just been hired by Jewelers Mutual to help them expand their  business. The appointment of the Fallaize Insurance Agency was the beginning of jewelers in Georgia being able to purchase insurance from Jewelers Mutual for the many perils facing their industry.

Ron would later become president of Jewelers Mutual and guide the insurer to becoming a leader in helping jewelers with insurance and loss prevention.

Jim Fallaize began his career in the insurance industry working for the Maryland Casualty Insurance Company, where he met his wife of 68 years.  Jim had been a gunners mate on the USS Maryland during World War II.  He often comments that the USS Maryland took care of him during such troubling times that when offered a job with the Maryland Casualty Insurance Company he accepted without  hesitation.

Jim left Maryland Casualty Insurance Company after his son was born and moved his family from Charlotte, NC back to his hometown, Atlanta. Upon his return, he went to work for the Southern General Insurance Company as Secretary Treasurer. In 1959 Jim left Southern General to enter into a partnership with Hyman Morris to form the Morris Fallaize Insurance Agency.

After being discharged from active duty in the United States Navy, Jim’s son Mike began working for the agency on part time basis while he finished his education at Georgia State University.  Georgia State offered a business degree in insurance, and after working with his father’s agency, Mike elected to pursue this area.

Mike graduated from Georgia State in 1976 and the following January married Beth Brackett, his partner for 37 years. Later that year, Jim and his partners agreed to go their separate ways and he formed Fallaize Insurance Agency, Inc. with his wife and son.

The legacy continues as Mike’s son, James Calvin Fallaize, joined the agency in 2007 after working in the fabric industry. Cal graduated from Georgia State with an Art History major. He has since obtained a number of designations in the insurance industry.

2014 marks the 55th anniversary of the Fallaize family being an advocate for the consumer regarding risk management and loss prevention. As Cal continues to expand his knowledge of insurance and risk management, the future is bright for the Fallaize Insurance Agency, Inc. and their family.

The Fallaize Insurance Agency can be reached at 770-242-8842 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..