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Rembrandt Charms is on trend with Symbols & Expressions


(WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y.) - Take a look at what Rembrandt Charms is up to. They’ve entered the world of bangles, and with it, a collection of charms that allow you to create your own expression.

“We really wanted to push ourselves out of the box on this, challenge ourselves to think differently about charms and how consumers are wearing them,” states Eric Lux, Vice President of Rembrandt. “It’s essential we listen to the needs in the market.”

This bracelet line features adjustable bands in a contemporary style to meet the demands of consumers. The charms in Symbols & Expressions offer inspiration, emotion and personality.


Rembrandt Charms strives for quality and Symbols & Expressions is no exception. The collection is made from sterling silver and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Visit for more information, or call at 800-828-7840.


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