Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Richline announces partnerships with “wearable technology” companies

Forms alliance with CUFF and Omate®                              

Richline Brands and CUFF™, a Bay-area based, connected jewelry company, have announced a partnership agreement for the exclusive distribution of CUFF products. The partnership is designed to fundamentally bridge the function and fashion gap in “wearable technology”. The transaction will enable the CUFF brand and innovative technology to become an integrated part of the important wearable technology jewelry expansion by Richline.

Richline Omate FebDennis Ulrich, CEO of Richline Group, said: “For us, this is a major opportunity. The Richline-CUFF alliance is the first of its kind in pairing a prestigious and established jewelry supplier with a Silicon Valley player in the smart jewelry space. This partnership will establish Richline as a recognized leader in this new era of smart, yet fashionable jewelry.”

“Wearables” connotes technology that you actually wear on your body, from fitness trackers to glasses that have computers in them. CUFF Inc. made a splash when it debuted in March of 2014 by re-imagining both the look and the uses of these devices. CUFF functions include fitness and social notification, as well as the most robust safety/security alert system available.

Deepa Sood, CEO and Founder of CUFF stated: “CUFF is proud to partner with a trusted, acknowledged leader in fine jewelry who will introduce our innovative technology through the nation’s top jewelers and retailers. This is absolutely an exciting development for our company, but I also think it can be viewed as a true milestone in the wearables category. The result of this partnership will be an explosion in innovative, smart, and beautiful pieces that enhance the lives of women without sacrificing style.”

Richline and Omate®

Additionally, Richline Brands and Omate, a hardware and software design company with a focus on designing wearables, have announced a strategic partnership agreement for exclusive distribution of certain Omate products has been signed between the parties. The transaction will enable the Omate brand and innovative technology to become an integrated part of the important wearable technology jewelry and watches expansion by Richline.

Dennis Ulrich, CEO of Richline Group, said: “In the smartwatch segment, two worlds are merging together: the traditional hundred year-old watch industry and the hi-tech hardware and software industry. Richline intends to be a major player in this segment and our agreement with Omate is another manifestation of our commitment.”

Laurent Le Pen, CEO, Omate stated: “This is a great opportunity for our brand to grow and expand globally. Our vision is that the real intelligence of our companion smartwatch, in collaboration with the fine jewelry designs from Richline, shall create stylish, functional, exciting products. Each smartphone ecosystem can be fully personalized according to personal needs and requirements.”

Dave Meleski, Richline President, stated “We believe, after months of R&D, that we will offer our customers products with a fashionable look and fine jewelry feel, that are comfortable to wear every day and have the technology consumers will desire.”