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ASHI Diamonds launches Bridal 2015 Marketing Program

(NEW YORK) - ASHI Diamonds is excited to unveil its new 2015 Bridal Book, a compilation of 76 pages with over 750 handcrafted designs. The 2015 Bridal Collection celebrates the journey of the modern bride in making her wedding dreams a reality through sophisticated illustrations and elegant copyrighted designs with a fresh and modern style. This exclusive catalog displays the beauty and art of bridal rings with limited edition pieces, reminding you of your special moment, each day of your life.

ASHI Cover“As we begin 2015, the majority of jewelers in the US have voiced a desire to upgrade their stores and return to the glory days of selling quality products instead of falling deeper into the abyss of marketing fads and inferior products just for the sake of quick sale,” said Sanjay Pandya, partner. “Quality, elegance, impeccable construction, and flair are the hallmarks of successful jewelry products. ASHI follows the same approach for its products and marketing programs.”

ASHI’s 2015 Bridal Book features an exquisite new assortment of contemporary, vintage, and traditional bridal designs made to please the most discriminating consumer. Within its illustrative pages, you will preview innovative new styling with bold and definitive designer looks, market tested and proven products, and a resurgence of traditional styles, re-crafted by ASHI’s in-house craftsmen into new classics for the bridal category.

ASHI has gone to great lengths to provide their customers with a presentation of unique and copyrighted styles, exemplifying a step up from the ordinary, not only in assortment, but also in quality and workmanship.

“Today’s successful jewelers expect and deserve more from their vendors than the normal,” says Rajeev Pandya, partner, “and ASHI is dedicated to be the forerunners in presentation of jewelry to your consumers. ASHI’s Bridal Book has the perfect blend of exceptional value and reasonable prices that today’s consumers demand. The wide selection of products featured provides the quality customers expect at retail prices, allowing you the flexibility to achieve a competitive advantage in any market.”

ASHI’s Bridal Marketing and Merchandising Program is designed to showcase this collection of bridal as your store’s own bridal brand. This collection extends beyond bridal - it also features a wide array of diamond fashion and diamond basics. This added element will allow the Bridal Book to serve as a year-long catalog of your store’s extensive line of fine jewelry.

ASHI also offers a solution to brand your business in your marketplace and to accomplish this in a cost effective way. The 2015 customizable ASHI Bridal Book helps brand your store by creating customized catalogs and brochures with your designer jewelry and watch brands, along with key business partners in your community designed to drive traffic to your store.

ASHI understands how important your business partners are in your community and appreciates your mutually beneficial relationship with them, which is why ASHI wants to help you customize your Bridal Book by including businesses such as wedding rentals, florists, beauty salons, wedding cake suppliers, limousine services, photographers & videographers, bridal gown stores, catering services, etc.

This bridal season, take your bridal and fashion sales to the next level by leveraging the power of brand customization. The Bridal Book can be completely customized with your logo, store information and coupons. In addition, the Bridal Book can be customized with full ready pages and collections from over 100 leading designer jewelry and watch brands.

ASHI ringsASHI wants to build your customized Bridal Book as a reference book for anyone not only to buy jewelry but also to plan a wedding in your community. In addition, many of the business partners and designer brands will offer co-op ad dollars to offset the costs. ASHI will also offer co-op dollars to offset printing costs. “This combination makes for a great cost efficient plan for not only promoting your brand but also for increasing your points of distribution,” said Sanjay Pandya.

The Bridal Program also comes with a free responsive bridal store micro-website, branded with your company name & logo, store info & picture, integrated e-mail system, customized retail markups and integrated shopping cart with checkout by Amazon, PayPal and order by phone options. The micro-website showcases all the bridal designs with high-quality jewelry images in 3-view angles along with many other features to convert your website browsers into buyers.

“ASHI’s Bridal Marketing Program incorporates all the print to digital marketing, e-commerce and merchandising strategies essential for establishing your store as the premier bridal source in your market. Where you are the brand!” said Rajeev Pandya.

ASHI’s Key Bridal Trends

  • Fancy Shapes: growth in demand for fancy shape centers as consumers place more value on uniqueness.
  • LoveBright: this category will continue to see strong demand from a consumer seeking exceptional value - ASHI has added many larger designs to this collection.
  • Yellow Gold: always a classic, a recent resurgence in yellow gold is reflected throughout the Bridal Book.
  • Two-tone: the use of multiple tones highlight the unique nature of two-tone rings.
  • Stack Bands: often forgotten, the versatility and mix & match nature of stack bands is finally earning them the respect and attention they deserve.

ASHI’s Marketing Highlights

  • Bridal Book: The upscale 76-page Bridal Collection.
  • Branding Your Store Name: Individualizing your store with your company logo on the front & back cover, creating a custom look as well as the inside front page with a personal message about your store, hours of operation, etc.
  • 2 to 20 Custom Pages to individualize your Bridal Book
  • The Bridal Book can be customized with full ready pages featuring the product lines and collections from over 100 of the leading jewelry and watch brands.
  • “No obligation” memo available within 24 hours on all Bridal Collection merchandise for your customer approval.
  • Digital Marketing - all free: Bridge the gap between your print and online marketing by receiving branded and customized bridal e-commerce responsive website, digital e-catalog, digital coupon, bridal e-mail blast and QR code.
  • Point-of-sale, television commercial and store marketing visuals - all free: Supported with point of sale marketing material and attractive print & television advertising for a specific market. High resolution images for ad creation, billboards, print and website content. In store looping DVD’s for your store location as well as handouts for your potential bridal customer.

“If you are interested in working with a supplier that is aligned in promoting you as the brand in your market rather than themselves - please see why hundreds of the top retailers across North America partner with ASHI to become the premier bridal and jewelry brand in their market,” said Sanjay Pandya.

“The 2015 Bridal Book embodies the union of quality, value, service, and marketing support. ASHI Diamonds ensures you that our bridal collection will impress and satisfy the diamond buying consumers, while also branding and positioning you, the independent jeweler as ‘the store to shop’ for all their bridal and diamond jewelry needs. This total package serves to remind our jewelers that ASHI is often imitated…. but never duplicated!”

Call ASHI at 800-622-ASHI or your regional sales representative, or visit www.AshiDiamonds.com/BridalProgram2015 for more information.