Latest News What's New IGI responds to demand for colored stone “Credit Card” Report

IGI responds to demand for colored stone “Credit Card” Report

(NEW YORK) - As a result of increased customer demand, IGI presents its Colored Stone Report in a convenient credit card size. This format offers the option of a plasticized report, adding to the security features and standard report data as well as the high resistance to wear and tear of a common credit card.

The IGI Credit Card Report provides the same degree of verification and analysis as the traditional IGI Report, including identification of a gemstone's species and variety, shape and cutting style, carat weight, measurements, color and other major optical characteristics. Disclosure of enhancements is also noted and clearly states if a stone is natural or synthetic. Upon request, country of origin may be determined.

The report's credit card format affords consumers an added layer of protection through its final lamination process that includes the embedment of an IGI logo hologram, making it more apparent if the report has been tampered with/altered. For retailers, the lamination process protects the IGI report from yellowing if placed in a window display.

IGI laboratories are equipped with the most technologically advanced instruments for the identification and authentication of colored stones, including spectroscopy, consisting of UV-visible, raman, X-ray and mid-infrared, in addition to immersion cells, micrometers, polariscopes, refractometers, specific gravity liquids and binocular microscopes. The identification of beryllium lattice diffusion may require additional testing.

IGI's approach to colored stone analysis is extremely important to its customers, especially in light of the fast-evolving techniques being used to alter and treat rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other stones. Methods such as stone coating, diffusion treatment, heat treatment, polymer impregnation and clarity enhancement as well as sophisticated developments in creating synthetic gems are commonplace today.

Before stating species and variety of a particular colored gemstone, all necessary gemological tests are performed. These include separation of synthetic from natural, tracing for all possible treatment and testing for radioactivity.

As with all IGI reports, the Colored Stone Credit Card Report complies with the Federal Trade Commission's enhancement disclosure rules and regulations.

IGI President and CEO Jerry Ehrenwald, G.G., A.S.A., stated, "We're happy to be able to meet our customer demand for the IGI Colored Stone Credit Card Report. This format is visually appealing, smaller and easier to handle, and costs less. It's a benefit to consumers and retailers alike."

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