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Artisanal crafted “Drops of Love” a unique sales option for the Holiday Season

Colorful, hand blown glass pendants sparkle with .25 points of diamonds inside a striking tear drop shape

Drops 1

Fresh off the success of his solar-eclipse commemorative “Corona” pendant, Clarksville, Tennessee-based Elliott Herzlich has added another extraordinary piece to his “Elliott’s Exclusive” collection with the newly unveiled Drops of Love.

UPS Capital’s Parcel Pro launches jewelers block coverage

Parcel Pro(ATLANTA) - Parcel Pro, a UPS Capital Company, announced the launch of jewelers block coverage on November 7, a special insurance program to help protect the property of jewelers against the most common types of losses. The comprehensive and customizable insurance policy provides coverage for the jewelers’ merchandise on premise, as well as for trade shows, travel, private dwelling, goods on loan and more. 

Star Gems’ Custom Studio App captures imagination of jewelry retailers nationwide

Product offers retailers tens of thousands of custom designs to create on demand with a single touch 

What started as an idea for a unique and creative way to provide enhanced custom design services for retail jewelers has grown into one of the more creative and innovative products in the jewelry industry. The Custom Studio App, developed and distributed by Star Gems, Inc., has literally taken on a life of its own since its introduction earlier this year. The company reports current Authorized app retailers are already starting to see an increase in their custom design business with the app subscription.

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UPMR introduces Simply White®

New alloy designed for easy casting of 18 white gold

UPMRUnited Precious Metal Refining is a leading supplier of precious metals for the jewelry industry. From a wide assortment of master alloys and karated grain in gold, silver, platinum and palladium to solder, wire, sheet and tube, United has been serving the metals needs of the industry since 1988. United’s newest alloy formulation for 18K white gold creates a finished product so white, you don’t need to plate it - it’s Simply White®.

GN Diamond offering free Sarine on all diamonds

Aids in distinguishing retailers from online and local competition

GN SarineExplaining why two seemingly similar diamonds found on internet sites with as much as a 70% price difference is a common hurdle faced by jewelers and their sales associates. GN Diamond listens to the common pain points experienced by jewelers and in response is now offering Sarine Technology on all of their loose diamonds.

MJSA Press publishes A Jeweler’s Guide to Apprenticeships


MJSA Press has published a new book, A Jeweler’s Guide to Apprenticeships: How to Create Effective Programs by educator and award-winning jewelry artist Nanz Aalund. Suitable for shop owners, students and instructors, the 208-page volume provides detailed, proven approaches for finding, training and retaining valuable employees.