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Vishinda delivers the perfect match with new calibrated diamond service

Specific color, clarity and size for jewelers’ custom creations

(NEW YORK) - With the growing trend of jewelers designing and setting their own custom pieces in house, perfectly calibrated diamonds are in short supply. New York City-based Vishinda has responded by delivering manufacturers and custom jewelry designers the fine cut and perfectly matched melee diamonds they need.

IDD to “Shake it Up” this Holiday Season

Introduces innovative consumer finance program


(NEW YORK) - IDD Jewelry of New York, an industry leader in basic diamond jewelry and bridal programs, is proud to debut their new Iddeal Card Holiday Campaign, “Shake Up Her Holidays.” An innovative consumer finance program to offer promotional product tie-ins, the Iddeal Card’s campaign, “Shake Up Her Holiday”, is a new marketing concept that is designed to connect top-selling product with low-cost payment solutions, directly link retailers to consumers, and engage holiday shoppers with an integrated marketing strategy. 

Hi-Tech PMR unveils interactive Smart Portal

Clients can control their accounts 24/7

Elevating precious metals refining and trading to the next level, Hi-Tech PMR has developed an innovative, interactive Smart Portal and mobile application. The Smart Portal is a comprehensive solution with essential features and effective tools covering all areas of the precious metals refining and trading business.

Charles Garnier introduces Friendship Bolo Collection

Garnier bracelet 1Just in time for the Holiday Season

Charles Garnier is excited to announce their new sterling silver Friendship Bolo Collection for the holiday season.  Features of this stunning new collection include:

  • Specially designed, superior “2-hole” slider, lab tested and guaranteed to never break.
  • One size fits all - up to 9”
  • Deluxe mesh styles
  • 125 unique styles with more to come
  • Simulated diamonds
  • Styles include black onyx, pearl, gemstones
  • Available in rhodium, 18k yellow gold, or 18k rose gold finishes

The Friendship Bolo Collection features retail prices under $200 on most pieces. All bracelets are created using sterling silver, and are available in a rhodium, 18kt yellow gold or 18kt rose gold finish.  To view the full collection visit and register at www.CharlesGarnier.com. All orders placed on the website receive free ground shipping.

Garnier bracelet Garnier bracelet 5
Garnier bracelet 2 Garnier bracelet 3
Garnier bracelet 4

For more information visit www.CharlesGarnier.com or call 800-722-3721.

Zimbals program lets retailers link pre-owned Rolex watches to their store website

In jewelry retail, nothing starts the conversation like a Rolex watch in your showcase. However, for many retailers cost is a real issue.

Now, you can show pre-owned and never-worn Rolex watches on your website - at no cost! The experts at SwissWatchPricing.com invite you to show fully warrantied pre-owned and never-worn Rolex watches on your website with their easy-to-use link.


“We were the first to launch this technology for the pre-owned Rolex watch marketplace in 2014,” remarks Sam Phillips, Rolex Watch Specialist at Zimbals. “At that time it still seemed like a very new approach for many retailers. Since then, however, it has taken off like a rocket!”

Sam continued, “Frankly, the response was so great that we had to grow right along with our customer base. This meant revamping the original website and link codes while we moved to a larger location and expanded our watch service facility.”

While brick-and-mortar retailers are losing ground to online sellers, it’s more important than ever to meet the expectations of the customers walking through your door. “By uploading our easy-to-use link, retailers simply walk their customers through this showroom-ready inventory without worry of third party contact information, advertising or pricing.” Retailers can choose to keep the site independent of their store’s website or link it directly to the store’s site creating a seamless transition from lead to sale.

“You can even let your customers shop at home, or on their smartphone, without the risk of losing them. We’ve customized this link to protect the retailer from third-party poaching. Now they can trust their customers will remain with them as they search the real-time, pre-owned and never-worn Rolex watch inventory, and will have the inventory in hand the next day.”

Access to the retailer-only price list is available through SwissWatchPricing.com. This deliberate separation of pricing and product provides retailers with the freedom to set their own price on every over-the-counter transaction.

And who’s behind this wholesale-to-retail innovation? It’s Zimbals, the widely known pre-owned Rolex watch wholesaler. As a leading authority in the pre-owned Rolex market for more than 27 years, Zimbals employs CW-21 Certified Watchmakers with extensive training in watch authentication. So renowned is their expertise that their book, “The Professionals Handbook of Pre-owned Rolex Watches”, is now in its ninth pressing. Often referred to as the ‘Rolex Bible’, this book has set the standard in the watch industry for Rolex watch identification.

“The pre-owned Rolex watch market has boomed!” says Sam. “Particularly for authentic, warrantied watches. 2015 was a record year for us. If you’re a jewelry retailer that’s not seeing these types of results, I strongly recommend our system… especially for former authorized dealers who still have the customer base… these people want comparable quality, but at a discount. Now they can have it all… authenticity guaranteed and fully warrantied.”

Sam went on to say: “When we launched the first version of our wholesale-to-retail websites we never expected such a huge response. Retail customers want a competitive price, of course, but not at the expense of quality. All watches on our website are guaranteed authentic and come with the Zimbals 2-year warranty.”

Take a look at SwissWatchPricing.com and you can link fully warrantied pre-owned Rolex watches to your store website before the Christmas rush begins.

For more information call 800-783-8586 or visit www.SwissWatchPricing.com.