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Passion, Love, Fire all ignite with ASHI’s Emotion Diamonds

ASHI is pleased to introduce their new Emotion Diamonds Collection Flyer. Emotion Diamonds is an exquisite collection of diamond jewelry with diamonds that shimmer and sparkle with every movement and pulsating heartbeat of the individual wearing it. Its center diamond is set in such a way that when worn, it continuously moves - giving it a dazzling effect. What a way to say, “You shine like a diamond!”

Southern Gates® popularity continues to rise

New styles, increased brand awareness drive record sales

(CHARLESTON, S.C.) - The Southern Gates® Collection enjoyed its highest sales at any Atlanta Jewelry Show this August. The brand’s record-breaking show was a 60% increase in sales over last year’s fall show. The iconic Southern jewelry brand tributes this show’s success to a combination of elements including new styles from their latest Fall collection, four best-selling sets now in 14k gold, hand-made items, leather bracelets, and Southern Gates® ever-increasing  brand awareness.

IDDeal Card scores high marks with retailers

Since its big release in January of this year, IDD’s IDDeal Credit Card Program is “already generating impressive results and quickly establishing itself as the must-have consumer finance program for retailers,” said IDD president Alok Mehta.  “With the overwhelming amount of positive feedback, it’s clear that there is a new front-runner in the consumer finance game.”

Parcel Pro launches Shipper’s Showcase & Drop-Ship with Increased Security

Parcel Pro offers some of the most innovative products and tech solutions for today’s jeweler. With its most recent product launch, Parcel Pro provides a marketing tool to connect jewelers to their customers, while increasing shipping security at the same time. The NOTIFY alert system creates an e-mail that enables customers to trace their shipments without revealing the carrier’s actual tracking number. In addition to this secure live tracking system, NOTIFY allows jewelers to customize their e-mail alerts to include a photo with a description of the package contents and create a Shipper’s Showcase-adding information regarding new or related products and special promotions. With the Shipper’s Showcase, Parcel Pro NOTIFY increases product visibility, driving traffic to the shipper’s website. 

Life-In-Gold collection takes customization to a new level

Cad-Jeweler.com, a Minneapolis firm specializing in wholesale CAD design and manufacturing services to the trade, is proud to introduce the Life-In-Gold.com collection, a new concept in fully personalized jewelry products.

Using state-of-the art CAD software and ultra-high resolution 3D printing, Life-In-Gold.com products take “truly customized” to a new level of meaning and customer appeal. Using customer-supplied photographs or digital images, a 3D relief is created in solid gold. This highly detailed relief can be mounted on a variety of jewelry products, including lockets, military tags, charms, pendants, rings, buckles and bracelets. The photo reliefs can be made in any color of gold, resulting in an endless variety of options. Many items are also offered with complementary engraving options on the reverse side, adding to the custom appeal.