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Midas Chain licensed for 4YR Spirit college jewelry Announces new catalog

(BERGENFIELD, N.J.) - Jewelry manufacturer Midas Chain has been licensed as the official distributor of the 4YR Spirit Collection. The sterling silver and Austrian crystal college line by Midas is among their hottest styles. Students and others that are loyal to college sports teams can show their passion with unique designs specifically created with school colors.

LoveCraft introduces Diamonds in Motion

At first glance it looks like a simple setting hanging by jump rings.  But when the diamond starts its motion there is no doubt that something else is at play. LoveCraft has taken numerous measures to get its patent pending Diamonds in Motion to dance, swing and lay properly on the wearer. It has a wide range of motion and moves differently than other products in the market. 

Kameleon Jewelry’s “Fall Harvest”

Kameleon Jewelry has released a Fall themed package to their customers, keeping on trend with the Pantone Colors for Fall 2013. This package provides Kameleon retailers with an easy ordering solution to make sure they have the color choices that their fashionable customers will be looking for, upcoming Kameleon releases for 2014 and will follow fashion trends expected for Spring and Summer 2014.

IGI first to offer Spanish-English, Portugese-English Grading Reports

(NEW YORK) – The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has announced the expansion of its diamond report series to include Spanish and Portuguese language options. As the Hispanic and Latino markets for jewelry continue to grow, IGI felt it vital to ensure grading reports are available in bilingual formats and is the first major worldwide gemological lab to present these specific offerings.