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ASHI Diamonds launches “Bridal Our Tradition” 2012 marketing program

(NEW YORK) - ASHI Diamonds is proud to release its new 52-page 2012 “Bridal Our Tradition” bridal book along with the latest 2012 ASHI Bridal Jewelry Collection. The program incorporates all the marketing and merchandising strategies essential for creating a jewelry store’s image as the premier bridal source in their market.

Reyes del Mar unveils new Luxury Silver line

Reyes del Mar’s (RdM) is adding Luxury Silver to their extensive line of Sea Life, Nautical & Sport Fishing jewelry.

Over the past year, RdM has been testing and perfecting a plating process that renders the silver near tarnish resistant. “This process involves two platings - a palladium and a rhodium,” says Raquel Reyes. “The end result is a silver that looks like white gold. Set with genuine sapphires, hand-finished with the care that Reyes del Mar is known for, and you have Luxury Silver.”

Victor Corp. releases 2012 Bridal Program

(CINCINNATI) - Victor Corporation, a fine jewelry manufacturer based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has announced the release of its 2012 Bridal Program, featuring the Victor Bridal Collection in a stunning 24-page book available to fine jewelry retailers throughout North America.

GemOro debuts UltraSpa™ steam and ultrasonic cleaner for home use

(DALLAS) - GemOro Superior Instruments recently announced the availability of its GemOro UltraSpa™ personal jewelry steam cleaner with built-in ultrasonic cleaning feature. Designed for home use, the compact UltraSpa’s dual-action cleaner restores the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds, gold, intricate rings, necklaces, bracelets and fine jewelry using regular tap water.