Last updateTue, 13 Feb 2018 11pm

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MJSA launches digital Guide to Subcontractors

(ATTLEBORO FALLS, Mass.) - MJSA, the association dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, has launched the MJSA Guide to Subcontractors. Available both online (at mjsa.org) and as a PDF handbook, the Guide lists MJSA members providing commonly requested contract services, such as stone setting, casting, and CAD/CAM. It also includes detailed information about each company - from minimum order requirements to whether it provides melee - to help buyers in their decision making. In addition, the Guide offers MJSA members free access to articles about how to best choose and work with a subcontractor.

New, 2nd edition CD set reveals key marketing secrets of top jewelers

Why do some jewelry stores seem to have an unusual amount of buying traffic in their store?

Why can some brand new jewelers generate multi-million dollar enterprises, sometimes in as little as a couple of years, while other jewelers struggle for decades – generations in some cases – and never seem to be able to crack the million-dollar store level?

Jewelers Mutual introduces Perfect Circle™ Jewelry Insurance

Strong customer relationships are critical to running a successful business. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company can help you build those relationships with the newly named Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance. It’s the same product with a new name and look that represents the emotional connection your customers have with their jewelry.

GemOro’s revolutionary AuRACLE™ handheld gold/platinum tester

(DALLAS) - GemOro Superior Instruments’ innovative AuRACLE™ AGT1 electronic gold and platinum tester is the company’s most user-friendly and best performing handheld electronic gold tester to date. With unmatched accuracy, the new AuRACLE AGT1 electronic tester identifies the full range of gold, including yellow, white, green and rose-colored gold from 6k-24k. In addition, the AuRACLE AGT1 tester will test platinum and identify non-gold, gold plate and gold filled as NA by following just a few simple steps.